the lead for the manvils, nice jean jacket, and they came out personally to do the work of roadies after their show.

It was a really gooooood show, fun, energetic and Martina (the lovely lead) was super fun and cute. I read that the Dragonette always puts on a show, what that meant I wasn’t sure. But she was so adorable, using her minnie mouse voice to tell us she doesn’t get invited to parties, and dancing out each song like she’s acting out a movie.

She also had these amazing tights/ pants, leather in the front but some kind of nylon material in the back. Yeah ok.

But it seems it’s not in my fate to get a good view of a concert EVER. Why are people so tall, why? And there’s usually only two really tall people and they always end up in front of me. the sad part is that the hall was pretty much empty when the manvils played so i could have easily moved to the front but i decided, nah let’s stay here where it’s comfortable.

it became uncomfortable so fast, why do people who text the whole time go to a concert? WHY O_O

And i wish people would stop treating a concert like a rave, it’s not a rave.. ! Other than that, it was a good night.

I had a video too,but upon reviewing it’s ridiculously shaky, due to the dancing and the texting and the jumping of other people.

P.S. Amanda does photography for concerts, they’re reallly good! And lucky her, gets to be in front of the fence, though there were no fences at dragonette. But I literally got 4 good shots, the ones you see here, and good is debatable.




none the less, i went to this club /lounge /restaurant saturday night called OCEAN CLUB for my friend’s birthday

got lost getting there, three times! If you’re wondering how that is possible, it is, when no one knows the way and the printer ran out of ink while printing instructions on google maps!

Since you were in such a hurry you didn’t notice that the map wasn’t fully printed, nor were the instructions…

the DJ was really cute, really cute from far away, when i was getting up to go home i saw him up close, ehhh, not so cute anymore!! =_= you know what i’m talkin about!!

had my first ever, cosmopolitan! only reason i ordered it was because of Sexy and the City, i was wondering what all the fuss was about, wish they served it in a martini glass! but alas, it was a rowdy place, served it in a more sturdy glass..

my friend’s dinner

mine~~ the chicken was really good :D

Sigh, got home around midnight, while everyone else partied on, that’s the life of a student..


Continue reading YEAH YEAH YEAH LA LA LA


every time i passed by a book with the word jade in the title, you know that the author is an eastern asian person.

asian authors, who write in english, focus mainly on the experiences that a normal north american might encounter but in an asian perspective

and the stereotypes all roll out

or perhaps a lot of asian authors write books that are about everyday Americans, whether Asian or not, but because of their inherent heritage, it would seem unconvincing for them to write about something that they may not have the full capacity of?

If i ever write a book, i should use a pseudoname, just because in case i decide to not write about my attic house above our grocery store in chinatown, it would be more convincing for the readers…

( i kid, i live in the suburbs.. )

i brought this up because i finished reading Malcolm Gladwell’s BLINK today.The book is about first impressions, or thin-slicing, and your unconscious being incredibly judgmental. One thing that you gota love about Malcolm’s work is that he writes so convincingly, whether you trust what he’s saying or not, he makes you believe it, at least all that while.

and here’s my mini rant about kindle

i think it’s a good idea, that and digital paper or electronic ink or whatever technology they are hiding behind doors over at Xerox.

not killing trees, saving paper, maximize the number of books you can carry without increasing weight, all good stuff

But kindle is a freakin’ piece of plastic, you can’t proudly display your book collection in your damn kindle, you can’t make cute marginal notes in your kindle (on post-its of course).

i can’t feel the anticipation of flipping pages in a kindle, i assume you press some kind of touch screen button.

Reading for me is all about ANTICIPATING the unknown, and i can feel the pages getting thinner and thinner, but that damn piece of plastic will ruin it for me.

i guess kindle is better because people are really buying it, they BUY IT and they BUY books, because now it’s at a fractional of the price and it’s send wirelessly to their machine and you can get free books too!

But, until I have to, I will not succumb to kindle!!

you hear me?!?!

edit: i may have spoken too harshly about the kindle / sony reader / the ALEX? / nook by B&N? everyone’s got one nowadays. i think the kindle and such e-readers are great fro disposable books (like jenny said in commentS) and TEXTBOOKS!

i think the university (at least the ones i go to) is too greedy to adopt such a system where they can sell books for less, so much for wanting to be a ‘green’ university :/

im willing to purchase a e-reader if all future textbooks will be able to be bought on the e-reader, further more they can’t charge full price of the textbooks as an electronic edition, FURTHER MORE they can’t force students to buy an e reader if they don’t want to

i guess that sounds like a pretty big investment and a lot of admin works, but at least No more lines at the beginning of the semester!


The 12 most annoying types of facebook users – which one are you?

(i can’t believe CNN made a “quiz” on this)

Not much of a quiz but I think all of us have contributed in more than one way to the junk that is internet status updating.

ahh okay, yeah i’m really bad, REALLY BAD when it comes to status updates.

it’s different for me on twitter because it feels safer, less IRL people, and more internet savvy folks that enjoy le musique et le art, so i can tweet about stuff like, giant gundams.

facebook is horrible for me because it has real life people in it, real life people that has seen you falling asleep in class, drinking a water bottle then laughing then all the water comes out of the nose and so on.

and there are people that i fancy on facebook!!!

so i do a lot of emo status updates then delete them immediately, so fast it might not even show up in your mini-feed. it’s so bad, im like a half-closet emo.

my problem solving to facebook is logging out of it on my ipod touch, so if i have to log in i have to use its horribly cramped keyboard and type in my extremely long login email which i really don’t want to; thus avoiding SOME embarassment.

oh here’s a tip for everyone: don’t block people on facebook!!!! because if you regret it and you unblock them they don’t automatically go back to your friends list, they aren’t your friend anymore then there’s the extremely awkward question of “why’d you delete me?” so in the end people that i block then end up regretting is blocked anyway because i don’t want to deal with the “hey how come we aren’t friends on fb anymore” possible conversation, ESPECIALLY since the person i blocked last night i have deleted once and i have HAD the “why’d u delete me?” convo once already and 2nd time around makes me look like the most petty person on earth.

anyways, so the person that i blocked really don’t like me, i’ve attempted some MSN-ing which never goes anywhere because i never get a reply. a lot of people dislike me, but this one just avoids me, which pisses me off.

i prefer real talk, like “hey emma, you’re soooo effing annoying, leave me alone OK?!?!”

and i’d be like “yeah sure you douchebag.”

and everyone’s back to normal.

ok that’s enough, i think im going to stick to twitter and appear offline MSN-ing, safe, no indecent exposure, no more wanting to talk to someone then regret doing it.

because believe it or not, im smooth as smoothie in real life, and absolute FAILURE on the internet.

yeah i just said smooth as smoothie.

can’t believe im busing for 2 hours again

i was suppose to go out a while ago, A WHILE AGO. Yet here I am blogging.

my computer’s really slow, I think I need to format/ reinstall everything again. But the problem is, WHERE ARE MY DAMN RECOVERY DISCS? I know I kept them in a “safe place” but where is this safe place I do not know.

I made a little angsty mix cd of 6 to 8 songs that I’ll upload later!


i’ve been having pretty shitty days! I use to enjoy passing time by attirbuting everything that has gone wrong to myself. No it’s not my effing fault, it’s everyone else’s.

They are douchebags, I am NOT.

Maybe at 20, I’ve finally hit my teenage angsty period.

edit: finally i am going to sit down and make my playlist for all moods; after driving for a bit; getting almost tail-gated by my friend, going for mango calpis SLUSH (they didn’t write that on the menu) and getting a brain freeze and ending the night with some 1.99$ McChicken which I found out through facebook through the only event that I was invited to for the past…month.

When you are Having Family Troubles

THE RAMONES – We’re a Happy Family

When you’re on the bus and some strange lady just touched you

GET SET GO – I hate everyone

When you know you need to work hard

ACDC – It’s a Long way to the Top

When you’ve been a goody 2 shoes and you need to do a Harold

The Long Blondes – I’m going to Hell

When you’re feeling like a tough bitch from the projects

Mary J blige – MJB da MVP

When you’re feeling British

Kate Nash – Foundations

When you’ve time travelled to the 80s and you don’t know the music yet wanna seem cool from 2009

Calvin Harris – Dance Wiv Me

When you feel like a “woman”

Colbie Calliat – Oxygen

When you feel BADASSSS

Franz Ferdinand – This Boy

And for everything and anything

THE RAMONES – I wanna be Sedated

I think this is enough for now, more later?

edit 2: if i had tumblr i would reblog this but i don’t so im posting this pic instead.

screw the GMAT and graduating, im starting a tech startup.

David Karp, school drop out. A young guy

I too, worked in Japan by myself for 3 months (he did 5) although i scrubbed dishes at a bar instead of doing tech work.

PotAto / potahto.

what is it that you do?

my sponteneous last post was a reflex action to very depressing news.

so today; while i was being emo at home; i was thinking about what is it that i do. As you ALLLL knowww; I study science and science students aren’t as boring as they seem. Oh no no no.

All of my academic excellence achieving friends not only achieve academic excellence but also volunteers; dances; sings; plays pianos; accompanies their parents to numerous dim sum outings during the week; work for the model UN; receives letter from the REAL UN; get good grades; get into medical school; play the violin; saves cats; rescues people from fires and so on.

While I on the other hand does absolutely nothing.

I sat here for a good 4 minutes trying to think about what is it that I do.

I don’t play any instruments; I use to be in the choir but I realized I can’t sing. Needless to say; I do NOT achieve academic excellence I am more along the lines of academic probation. I don’t volunteer; I don’t even have hobbies anymore.

But I know what I’ll say when people ask me, not that this situation has ever arisen. I blog.

i’m a blogger; like perez hilton and we’ll leave it at that.

OKAY PICS, pics from my supposedly wild night which promptly ended at 2 am and me having only had one corona and a sip of crown royal. Everyone literally fell asleep and just ended up going home.

These are just pics of me because I want to show you that I can wear green and red without looking like Christmas.

and OH YEAH; I saw Wolverine; remember when I said Daniel Henney was at my university shooting?! When I saw my school in the movie; it felt so crappy because I saw the REAL SET and it was..really..crappy! yeah, words… I’m good with them :D

And I made a dent on the STARTREK cardboard cut out at the sitting on it..

and lastly, the bowl of instant noodles shared by SIX PEOPLE.

okay; now youtube communitychannel; you’ll thank me like your mom thanked me last night ;)

(it’s in reference to the channel that i’m sharing; i don’t talk like that, i wish i had the guts to but i don’t; instead I say moment awkward things like; im too flat to wear this dress, FRONT AND BACK)

P.S. winniey and I need to get a new domain !? so we’ll either, fingers crossed, get this domain AGAIN under a new company/server OR we’ll need a brand new spankin name. HELP PLEASE?!

I am not super..creative.. as you can see with my layout


i lost my “wallet” last night.

Its not really a wallet; it’s a card case with all my important identifications; it functions much like a money clip. And no I don’t carry cash.

But I lost it; my jeans were probably too tight and they slipped out somewhere between drinks and more drinks.

I got pretty emo about it; it’s just a few cards but I had to cancel my credit card today. And I can’t drive cause i got no license!

I’m just pissed off about being careless.

but it’s the first time that it has happened.

I gota start being a girl and carrying around a bag. BLAH

i learned last night that I’m not much of a girl; I sit like a boy, i talk like a boy, i walk like a boy.

no wonder boys don’t like me LOL . . .

one of many

the weather:

i wanna wear this outfit! but i can’t since the weather’s so shit and i can’t wear a blazer over this or a jacket without it looking too bulky. ADORE this vest, love ZARA for having cheap items (my lovely purple stocking ripped, feel sad for me).

the music:

mostly listening to BoA’s new album to and from school, still not tired of it yet. Some people think it’s not very good example of her, while I think she sounds amazing.

the book:

currently reading THE CANON, it is a new york times best seller, one of the few reasons I pick up books from the library. I read somewhere that some Book Elitist thinks best sellers are nothing but a waste of time as it doesnt mean that they are really good books, it just means that the people who buy them “can read the back cover.” I’m sure being a best seller takes more than a good summary. I’m fully enjoying The Canon while I went on amazon and there are a lot of haters saying her writing style is too much prose and not enough science, and she’s bantering on and on for the sake of herself. I like her style and that’s good enough for me. I highly recommend this book!

the school:

le crap…i got my midterm back, my arrogant DOCTOR of a professor gave marks like 0.1/ 5 because he felt like it was a mark that I deserved. Our main instructor for the course sent an angry yet professional email to him asking why this is so while he replied stating that she didn’t bother to look at the data related to the marks. For a third year course, most people shouldn’t be between 30 to 50%.

the news:

who else is angry at AIG and their board of executiveS?!?!?!?! I was so appalled that people who probably have had excellent education, live a life of luxury while most people barely get by at this time dare to take this much money from the tax payers, who allowed them to indulge in this ridiculous bonus?! I’ve never heard any of my family members receiving a bonus, EVER. And I think they deserve even less since they drove one of the riches and powerful country to a RECESSION, which in turn is affecting the rest of the world. Oh you poor little millionaire, does your manhatten penthouse need a new coat of paint or something? I hope all the death threats will come true. Never have I felt so angry towards people I don’t even know. But as we learned from previous experiences, Teddy Roosevel’ts NEW DEAL means what, shopping. Hmm, maybe I do need a Balenciaga bag after all.. kidding =_=;

the shopping:

i’ve decided to wait a bit longer before purchasing my itouch, since they just announced a new OS for the iphone i’m sure a new edition will hit stores soon! Then I’ll just get the old one because it’ll be a lot cheaper! hehe….

there i got it ALL off my mind now I can study the hemoglobin content in fish blood happily now, well maybe not happily.


i am in dire need of a new desk, or maybe a new house.

i hate my desk so much, it’s too small for me and it’s just awkward period. I am looking at desks online and im not really that picky but i need something with LOTS AND LOTS OF ROOM which means I don’t need or even want drawers, I just need a huge work space.


but at the moment it’s impossible for me to get a new desk because of how small my room is. And I’m even willing to get rid of my bed for a desk, yeah I can sleep on the floor somewhere, I am not kidding. But while saying that I need heated hardwood flooring as well, and currently we have a dodgy carpet..


It’s dirty, it collects dust way more easily, it’s a playground for disgusting creatures that give you skin blemishes unless of course you have your own maid that can do the vacuuming every single day.

there was this episode of Gos sip girl where Seren a (Bla ke Liv ely) studies for the SATs on her bed with her gorgeous blond hair in her face. Um, does anyone study like that? I would love to and I’m sure her parents would spring a new work room for her anyday.

=_= all these small things really frustrate me and i can’t concentrate at all.

If I am uncomfortable in my work space that I can’t work at all.

Which means I can’t get anything done.

I guess I’ll just go out for studying from now on.

I hate staying home anyways but my laziness and the temperature prevents me from going outside.


i procrastinated all day and finally got to my biochem homework :x

and 7. hannah montana has synthesized a new peptide called Doh and wants to perform binding studies on a series of compounds.

um =_= =_=; =_=;; =_=;;;

I appreciate their effort. I wonder what my funny TA will say about this tomorrow…

P.S. I get to see a live alligator in lecture tomorrow, will definitely provide pix!