The 12 most annoying types of facebook users – which one are you?

(i can’t believe CNN made a “quiz” on this)

Not much of a quiz but I think all of us have contributed in more than one way to the junk that is internet status updating.

ahh okay, yeah i’m really bad, REALLY BAD when it comes to status updates.

it’s different for me on twitter because it feels safer, less IRL people, and more internet savvy folks that enjoy le musique et le art, so i can tweet about stuff like, giant gundams.

facebook is horrible for me because it has real life people in it, real life people that has seen you falling asleep in class, drinking a water bottle then laughing then all the water comes out of the nose and so on.

and there are people that i fancy on facebook!!!

so i do a lot of emo status updates then delete them immediately, so fast it might not even show up in your mini-feed. it’s so bad, im like a half-closet emo.

my problem solving to facebook is logging out of it on my ipod touch, so if i have to log in i have to use its horribly cramped keyboard and type in my extremely long login email which i really don’t want to; thus avoiding SOME embarassment.

oh here’s a tip for everyone: don’t block people on facebook!!!! because if you regret it and you unblock them they don’t automatically go back to your friends list, they aren’t your friend anymore then there’s the extremely awkward question of “why’d you delete me?” so in the end people that i block then end up regretting is blocked anyway because i don’t want to deal with the “hey how come we aren’t friends on fb anymore” possible conversation, ESPECIALLY since the person i blocked last night i have deleted once and i have HAD the “why’d u delete me?” convo once already and 2nd time around makes me look like the most petty person on earth.

anyways, so the person that i blocked really don’t like me, i’ve attempted some MSN-ing which never goes anywhere because i never get a reply. a lot of people dislike me, but this one just avoids me, which pisses me off.

i prefer real talk, like “hey emma, you’re soooo effing annoying, leave me alone OK?!?!”

and i’d be like “yeah sure you douchebag.”

and everyone’s back to normal.

ok that’s enough, i think im going to stick to twitter and appear offline MSN-ing, safe, no indecent exposure, no more wanting to talk to someone then regret doing it.

because believe it or not, im smooth as smoothie in real life, and absolute FAILURE on the internet.

yeah i just said smooth as smoothie.

yeah ok like this


VENA CAVA x GAP DRESSS , I bragged earlier about purchasing the Alexander Wang jacket, and my want of the dress but it was expensive and i’m financially challenged so i chose the jacket over the dress.

it looks pretty good on me eh? I’m not one for dresses but i love this design.

My mom poignantly pointed out (while I was trying it on) that this is the first time that i’ve looked like a girl.

I thank her for her brutal honesty.

Also here’s a reallllly coooool look at Lisa Mayock (one half of Vena Cava)’s AWESOME apartment! so grown up, so chic, somewhere that they wouldn’t let me in.

I said that I love bookshelves, i also have a fanboy like fetish about work spaces.

I don’t know why but I like looking at people’s desks and the contents of their bags and how they write in their planners, perhaps it’s just because im incredibly nosy….. O_O!

(photo via fastcompany)

Out of sight, Out of mind may be true in some occasions but having clutter helps the mind to be creative (read full article here)

Whether it will be or not I don’t know but I like not having to de-clutter.

all my stuff makes me who i am, I need my STUFFSS!!

(yeah, ixnay on the friends…who needs IRL people?) (insert emoticon for smile)

BONUS: a music video / song that portrays a real life situation and or problem.

made in china

i wouldn’t say im patriotic but i wish people would broaden their point of view just a little bit.

i often read really negative comments about china on youtube or various websites; saying that chinese people have no taste and have no real value; kind of annoying because i wanna smack them and educate them.

last month i was at the library reading magazines, and wallpaper* was going to do a “made in china” issue for june where the entire issue is made in china’s temporary offices; at shanghai and beijing.

wallpaper* is a great magazine, a bit on the expensive on the side, and thinner than i’d like it to be. but i felt like their made in china issue was great, and very relevant.

when people in north america think of china, it’s mostly negative things such as, food poisining, low quality pirated goods, and communism.

a world leader in export; the words ‘made in china’ seemed haunting, an automatic stamp for poor quality.

i can’t not agree that china does ship a lot of below par goods; but there are a lot of fairly good quality goods for extremely low prices; no other country can do this; well it’s mostly because we have so much people isn’t it.

i think people in china want to live the good life, like americans, drive cars and have houses, that their greed and ambition runs a little far. Westernized products rule the nation; and their price point is the same as it is in america, but china’s yuan doesn’t run as far as the dollar. there is a large amount of poverty, while there is a lot of greedy government officials who only knows how to take.

wallpaper* made good points about how design can change how the world view china and how china views itself.

at this point; china is stuck in a phase where it wants what developed countries have but is running too fast to get it and has lost oneself.

revisiting tradition is key; i think the chinese people need to find their own idenity.

a funny insert that shows how chinese people have conqueored the world. i’m surprised that there are more chinese people in vancouver than new york, that’s ridiculous! i bet most of them are illegal in new york, that’s why they aren’t in the census.

diffrent brands of chinese cigaretts that china has, the top tier being the more expensive while the most bottom being the cheapest. the cheapest runs 70cents US for a pack. My dad is snobby and only smokes imports, like seven stars from japan or some korean stuff; i should tell him to start smoking local stuff or better yet, QUIT.

BONUS: new nail color same as mango mousse cake!! :D

Random: my last tattoo want was a barcode, but everyone told me i’m a n00b and it’s really cliched and 80s. now i want the words “made in china”. i am made in china after all.

i should sleep more


bt uh, love this flannel, you jealous? yeah? it’s my mom’s, she was about to throw it out but i saved it just in time!


i had a lot of stuff to write about with corresponding pictures but i didn’t bring my own camera that night so i gota wait for the pics then i’ll blog about it i guess.

i honestly take pics for the sake of this blog haha.

i was at the library the other day, wasting time, of course, and reading NEW SCIENTIST magazine. My favorite science magazine! :D Well, the only science magazine that I read. I came across an article that’s similar to something I read on Fast, This is your Brain on Architecture

(i am just here, looking for the article to link, i dont read the site for one day and they write 4/5 pages of stories, when i do read it everyday, they write 1 page, why is that. =_=)

It made a really interesting point in both articles which stated that, if one wants to perform task of creativity, blue is the color, or if one wants to perform tasks of memory (what i do ..mostly) red is the color.

I can’t paint my room but I can start using red pens!

I wonder how that’ll pan out.

So uh, is not the best website you’ve been to since facebook? Yeah I thought so.

do ya do ya?

got new glasses from urban outfitters today, i’ve wanted these for a while, finally got them! And then had delicious sushi, good good. This was all done while ignoring my lab report…

been listening to this “band” / girl group a lot more recently, can’t stop listening to this song. I listen to it when I feel bitchy and pissed. So that means I’m mostly feeling bitchy and pissed. Yes, that’s my life story.

I read an excellent and interesting blog entry? about the word “bitch”, read it and be enlightened!


“don’t hate me because I’m so popular” <3

never again ?

i was reading this interesting article about sid and nancy, actually the first time i heard about the sex pistols was from NANA. But the real sid is way more better than any animated version of him. I don’t wanna go all fan girly (because honestly haven’t heard much of their music, but according to all the stuff I read he doesnt play much) but SID IS SO effing ADORABLE!

Photo by Bob Gruen

The infamous interview where sid fell asleep and nancy had to wake him up.

Unfortunately, they both died when they were very young, a bit over 20. A bit older than I am now.Sid and Nancy will forever remain as they were, glamorous, dangerous and young. They’ll never age and their image will never fade and will remain punk legends forever, unlike the rest of the sex pistols…

I don’t know why I’m comparing a dead punk rock star and an animated character. But the real Sid seems like a good little boy who could have grown up to be an accountant or something, but he bought into his own legend so much that he became the bullet that basically shot himself, I’m sure nancy helped a bit here and there too. I guess Ren just looks like Sid and wears the same padlock necklace, but is much more mature and level headed which is kind of boring.. . Shin is still the best character in NANA.

And they popularized Vivienne westwood and tartan! TARTANNNNNN

and i’ll get around to watching the SID & NANCY movie soon enough, but I feel uneasy afer scanning through bits of it. It felt really fake, but reviews of a good performance were given, so I guess I’ll give it a chance.

i’ll learn how to use a syringe

just browsing on news sites to pass time so i don’t pass out

So this article caught my eye IS LOVE JUST A CHEMICAL COCKTAIL?

We actually studied this last year, regarding oxytocin and its effects between a mother and a child. A mother, well in the example, a rat would give less care for its young when oxytocin is removed from the animal.

I remember watching this super old movie where this cynic stated that “love is just a bunch of biochemical reactions in the brain” and that it’s not real.

Well according to this article

[…] it will be possible for scientists to develop aphrodisiacs – chemicals that would make people fall in love with the first person they see.

And for those who have fallen in love with someone they shouldn’t have fallen in love with, an antidote to unrequited love.

Even though it’s probably more than just oxytocin, but I have someone I’d like to try it on!!!! I have access to oxytocin because this lab I work in has some that I used for experiments. A bunch of my friends are in pharmacy and they can easily get me syringes.

Did that sound creepy?!


But yeah the article mostly stated oxytocin’s effect on females, not so much males since it’s not present in male.

But seriously, if this is true, I can think of at least 4 girls that are willing to stick syringes at the guy that I like. Wow, he’s gonna have a lot of bruises..

edit: oh i almost forgot! tiff asked me to describe some korean drinking games. The plural is used very losely as I only remember playing one game.

  1. Have a few friends sit in a circle at a table or something
  2. Everyone take 1 full shot and place it in front of them
  3. A person is selected to start the game, this person taps the shot glass once, the next person in the counter clockwise direction continues to tap, and so on.
  4. When someone taps twice, the direction changes and now the taps are continued clockwise.
  5. **Usually the first person is not allowed to tap twice
  6. ***At any given point, unless someone is pouring a drink or taking a drink, anyone in the circle can clap twice and everyone has to stand up, and the last person to stand up must take a shot
  7. This game requires serious concentration which could be hard when you’ve lost a few times. And the clapping thing really gets at you when your muscles are super fatigued because you just had to down 3 shots of crown royal.
  8. And i think there are some rules if you spill the drink but alas I do not remember

Super easy and super fun when everyone is drunk! Actually more fun when everyone is drunk!