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I was on my way to the bus station. Despite everything I felt pretty good. I wasn’t skipping down the sidewalk or anything, but I liked some things about myself and I didn’t wan to die. It was the closest I’d been to optimistic in years. — Apathy and Other Small Victories by Paul Neilan

Second half of the book felt like it was written drunk, it felt a bit rushed and some what inconsistent with the beginnings. Timeline felt a bit more warped than usual, but it’s weird and funny. The type of funny isn’t as LOL as some other books you might have read. But as you read, you’ll stop and chuckle and return to reading. It’s not that easy to put down, so time-block a bit for this one. Oh lots of vulgarity, which I like very much.

In the book there’s a what is described as -sadistic corporate climber- woman. After reading about her and her behaviors, it’s what we are suppose to aspire to. Obviously not everyone wants to be a corporate exec, but these goal oriented, let-not-one-day pass life style that we lead is somewhat unhealthy. and it’s ironic since i just posted an entry about time-blocking on my other blog!

let’s hope that my kind of ‘doing-well’ is different, because right now i’m not really sure there could be a difference.

let’s hope that my kind of ‘doing-well’ is different, because right now i’m not really sure there could be a difference.

wikipedia described this book as a “possibly part of a trend of novels focusing on directionless people of an unusually young age for such restlessness”

won’t it be ironic if young people HAD directions? But i’m also rooting for direction-less anti-heros, who find people that got it together interesting? isn’t it the raw human emotions of struggle much more beautiful? okay i’ll shut up now…! It was also cute how he focused on cubicle-hate, that’s so early 2000 late 1990s! We don’t work in cubicles anymore, we suffer in open spaces with 20 year olds as our CEOs, not making money but getting to attend the Grammys. Oh wait, I work for GAP, i’m just going to take this battery pack and smack it over my head now.

I sincerely hope I get to be a 20-something thats making it and getting there with my innovation and love for the environment, I’m 21 and i think it’s too damn late.

Also Paul writes a blog, which wikipedia described as ‘regularly upating’, his last entry dated 2008… it’s..not 2008 anymore. And the kicker is he uses typepad, innovation, you gota love it.

OH YEAH, my biggest impression of the book, he writes like he’s British, the whole time i felt like i was reading a book from across the pond, but it’s from America, he writes like he’s British. quite mind blowing actually..

what a random entry, new hair cut after the cut

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I was on my way to the bus station. Despite everything I felt pretty good. I wasn’t skipping down the sidewalk or anything, but I liked some things about myself and I didn’t wan to die. It was the closest I’d been to optimistic in years. — Apathy and Other Small Victories by Paul Neilan

Second half of the book felt like it was written drunk, it felt a bit rushed and some what inconsistent with the beginnings. Timeline felt a bit more warped than usual, but it’s weird and funny. The type of funny isn’t as LOL as some other books you might have read. But as you read, you’ll stop and chuckle and return to reading. It’s not that easy to put down, so time-block a bit for this one. Oh lots of vulgarity, which I like very much.



im really obsessed with denim shirts, and CHAMBRAY shirts, that’s a fancy term for light cotton or smthn like that.

i even bothered to make this mini montage of images fro magazines and what not

(also obsessed w/ VAMPIRE WEEKEND’s new album CONTRA)

(click to view enlarged versions)

yeah i had a few rough days, since something not so good happened so i was emo-ing away at school, the weather was being cooperative and raining (but then again it rains everyday)

then i read this awesome story! (that i had to read for my folklore class)

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every time i passed by a book with the word jade in the title, you know that the author is an eastern asian person.

asian authors, who write in english, focus mainly on the experiences that a normal north american might encounter but in an asian perspective

and the stereotypes all roll out

or perhaps a lot of asian authors write books that are about everyday Americans, whether Asian or not, but because of their inherent heritage, it would seem unconvincing for them to write about something that they may not have the full capacity of?

If i ever write a book, i should use a pseudoname, just because in case i decide to not write about my attic house above our grocery store in chinatown, it would be more convincing for the readers…

( i kid, i live in the suburbs.. )

i brought this up because i finished reading Malcolm Gladwell’s BLINK today.The book is about first impressions, or thin-slicing, and your unconscious being incredibly judgmental. One thing that you gota love about Malcolm’s work is that he writes so convincingly, whether you trust what he’s saying or not, he makes you believe it, at least all that while.

and here’s my mini rant about kindle

i think it’s a good idea, that and digital paper or electronic ink or whatever technology they are hiding behind doors over at Xerox.

not killing trees, saving paper, maximize the number of books you can carry without increasing weight, all good stuff

But kindle is a freakin’ piece of plastic, you can’t proudly display your book collection in your damn kindle, you can’t make cute marginal notes in your kindle (on post-its of course).

i can’t feel the anticipation of flipping pages in a kindle, i assume you press some kind of touch screen button.

Reading for me is all about ANTICIPATING the unknown, and i can feel the pages getting thinner and thinner, but that damn piece of plastic will ruin it for me.

i guess kindle is better because people are really buying it, they BUY IT and they BUY books, because now it’s at a fractional of the price and it’s send wirelessly to their machine and you can get free books too!

But, until I have to, I will not succumb to kindle!!

you hear me?!?!

edit: i may have spoken too harshly about the kindle / sony reader / the ALEX? / nook by B&N? everyone’s got one nowadays. i think the kindle and such e-readers are great fro disposable books (like jenny said in commentS) and TEXTBOOKS!

i think the university (at least the ones i go to) is too greedy to adopt such a system where they can sell books for less, so much for wanting to be a ‘green’ university :/

im willing to purchase a e-reader if all future textbooks will be able to be bought on the e-reader, further more they can’t charge full price of the textbooks as an electronic edition, FURTHER MORE they can’t force students to buy an e reader if they don’t want to

i guess that sounds like a pretty big investment and a lot of admin works, but at least No more lines at the beginning of the semester!

the underachiever!

i just finished reading this book (when i say just i meant a month ago) called THE UNDERACHIEVER’S DIARY by BENJAMIN ANASTAS

here’s the excerpt from the inside flap

this is the diary of william, a devout undrachiever. he lives by the following principles.

1. Alone in an age of increasing competition and dminished possibilities, the underachiever, when faced with doing battle, will forfeit rather than draw blood in the modern arena. He is powerless, and deliberately weak.

2. the underachiever is misanthropic by default. he will use negativity as his greatest weapon, and reserve the right to criticize all that is exalted in both secular and religiou society. he lives at a calculated distance from the mainstream, longing secretly to be included, while, at the same time, voicing his contempt for those who play by the rules, that is, achievers of the garden variety, and especially his nemesis, he overachiever.

3. Rather than saying “Yes, yes” to life, the underachiever will say ” No, thank you.” If pressed, he will turn belligerent.

4. Underachievers are not to be confused with younger, slower brothers of southern presidents, like Billy Carter and rogter clinton. these gentlemen do the best with whatver genetic leftovers they’ve been given, while the underachiever is entrusted with a master key to opportunity’s home office, and misplaces it.

5. If the underachiever were a mixed drink, he would be dry martini, one part obscurity (vermouth), three parts unhappiness (gin).

i really want to be an antihero like william and underachieve with my mightiest, but i can’t, it’s too hard, i can’t even achieve to underachieve.

on another topic completely unrelated

the dragonette “parodied” Calvin Harris’ THE GIRLS with their own version “THE BOYS”

i missed their live on saturday night because there was no one to go with and i was pretty sick.

(i can’t embed THE GIRLS, so i linked it above)

i like platinum blond boys. there’s this european looking guy in one of my classes, he’s SO european looking and yes he’s quite cute. but apparently he’s american! and i blink a few times too many when i see his platinum blond hair.


i really want platinum blonde hair, i dont thnk i can pull it off, but im very much planning to chop my hair off like spock, i mean tao okamoto

i also like red haired boys like calvin harris, at the beginning of THE GIRLS video, he looks so confused, like

uh, why am i here, who are all these wigged people, okay, we’re shooting a video, did we start? what okay. i’m not drunk, and yes im scottish. :D

ah calvin, you’re too damn cute.

the white tiger & the magicians

This is one of those entries that’s photo-less and i type a LOT so skip if you must!

i never read hype books, that means if i see this book recommended too often by half-assed bloggers and is constantly on amazon’s top 10, i won’t read it.

thats not true, new york’s best seller’s list is pretty much my go-to-list for novels nowadays. i mean if they live in new york they must know what they are talking about.

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personal daze ..now say it fast!

nothing in particular is happening with me, i went to this house warming party, got tickled, spilled drink (mojito!) on hostess’ couch but no where as bad as the 33 year old douche bag that spilled RED wine on the beige WALL and beige carpet.

i’ve picked up my reading speed significantly now that i read before bed time. it’s great since you fall asleep faster too, naturally depending on your selection of novels.

i just finished reading (partially finished) PERSONAL DAYS by ED PARK and INAMORTA by JOSEPH GANGEMI

for a while i was pretty obsessed with anything that douglas coupland wrote, and Personal Days is right along the alley of Microserf and Jpod. It is another witty, office, kill-me-now-i-work-in-a-cubicle kind of story. I definitely would have had the will power to finish the Personal Days in its entirety but the last chapter (20? pages) was written without paragraphs in double spacing in all align format. It meant no beginning no end just a slur of words, which would have been fine but i kept re-reading the same page over and over thinking i’ve moved on to the next, and plus i was on a bus. it really wasn not helping the situation.

so i stopped, i got the gist of the story anyway.

Personal Days was well written and definitely funny, but I had a hard time keeping track of all the characters that bounced in and out. Because the reader never ever meets the narrator, it’s confusing (at times) to maintain all the relations in the story. I felt like there were too many characters, current employees, ex-employees, many of which were often mentioned but never played a pivotol role in the continuation of the story.

and like i said; i didn’t finish the entire book but i felt like i got the mood right. it’s a depressing novel, way more depressing than jpod and microserf. because no matter what crazy stunts occur, all the characters in JPOD and MICROSERF move on to better places and lead better lives. While in personal days, everyone gets fired probably at the end. Because someone among them is actually a mole and spies on everyone’s productivity.

also; the amount of wit in the book is misplaced at times because it steers away from the plot. yeah it’s funny and it makes you kind of think, but at times i get distracted and i already have ADD.

and lastly, not that many awesome quotable quotes from this book than any of douglas coupland’s books.

INAMORATA is pure awesomeness! It’s set in the time frame of Persident Coolidge, har har and the apparent prohibition of alchol. The character is a harvard student who’s poor and dislikes privileged people. He and his professor goes on a “witch-hunt” at the expense of Scientific American (i prefer to read New Scientist, more pictures) to find supernatural powers. He inadvertently falls in love with someone that’s trying to prove her supernatural powers.


so this one is highly recommended and i’m getting distracted heavily by winniey’s chat so yeah, READ INAMORATA and MICROSERFS

sleepy but

i scanned SOME NUMERO TOKYO DEC 2008 (download)

and when i say some; i mean like 10 pages.

I’m not only lazy my scanner is also lazy; it runs pre-vista which means that i am forced to use Windows photo Gallery to scan and it’s not pleasant.

and the scans are not of great quality; numero has a really really thick spine =_=

Not much fashion; actually no fashion; i scanned some pictures of rooms. . .

here are the highlights! they also double as ipod/iphone wallpapers!

I don’t know about you but when I see a good book case I fall in love

im uploading it right now

ok so let me tell you what i did today while i wait for the link to finish uploading.

I saw the new Harry Potter movie; The half-blood prince, it was kind of a spontaneous decision as I have been marathoning the harry potter movies at my friend’s house. After the Order of the phoenix; we all felt the urge to go and catch the newest one; even though my friend had a pot luck to go to.

anyways; what did i think? Shorter than I expected and since I’ve never read the books I was obviously surprised by what happened; but I also kinda expected it.

Poor harry; he looses someone in every book/movie.

Hermione (Emma Watson) is gorgeous and yeah …

ok now i’m kind of embarssed about my scans because yeah they suck.

but since i did scan them please don’t redistribute them without my permission, thanks.



internet is slow right now

ok so i also was multi-tasking and reading jpod by douglas coupland while I was scanning. I loved it up until the part where the main character goes off to china…

i’m chinese; and im from beijing, and i get kind of dented when people describe china as a place full of rude people and it’s gray and dirty and just a horrible place where horrible people live.

it’s really rude, because i don’t think people have the right to speak that way, that’s right…you heard me.

a certain line in the book especially caught me off guard “I’d known that the moment china discovered cars and craved gasoline, it was curtains for the planet.”

yeah the chinese people killed planet earth; no i’m sure it was a group effort from every breathing organism on this planet. . . =_=

it’s unfair for people to judge on china’s current industrial revolution and its effects on pollution when they were farming rice paddies while westernized countries are developing at a heavy rate and not polluting just as much if not more.

but, from that alone i cannot judge; as the writer is from vancouver and vacouver is infested with chinese people; like myself!

Ok to be fair; if i grew up with grass everywhere then went to china yeah i’d hate it too

keep on keeping on!

i mean reading; life too i guess.


my ‘work space’ contents (only a portion; the left side of the laptop which is somewhat centered)

i’m writing this merely because of microserfs; as i read more; im more & more curious about their work spaces; which is vaguely revealed during the novel.

1. origami paper to fold turtles; which is suppose to bring you peace.

2. Nintendo DS lite; pink

3. Sharp EL-510R calculator; the only calculator approved by the faculty of chemistry.

4. Wallpaper magazine subscription cards from the MADE IN CHINA issue; damn my non-US address to be able to save 65% off the cover price!

5. stack of post-its from staples

6. Uplifting Mandarin body lotion from the body shop; doesn’t work that well but it smells like long island ice tea.

7. Free Frank’s REDHOT’s original sauce (19 mL) that I recieved on the street; pretty cool if you ask me

8. cards? from uniqlo UT tshirts that I recently recieved.

9. Daruma Hi-chew; dare not eat!

10. Blistex Lip Conditioner; the shit;

11. Glasses (pair 1; pair 2) from urban outfitters; meh hehehe

12. A journal that I should write in every day but instead i summarize my weeks instead.