“FASHION” + shoes

my friend had an extra ticket and invited me to Vancou ver Fashion week, what, you’ve never heard of it? yeah it’s definitely NOT WORTH hearing about it. So many fashion faux-pas by ‘designers’, and the models? are probably just their friends.

it was boring and weird, but it was an exciting day since it’s the first time i ventured out in these heels! I’m not a heels girl, not at all, please join me while i sing praise to my sneakers.

i walked maybe 30 minutes in total out of 4 hours but it was a lot of uphill and downhill, uncool, so uncool. the ground is not flat, have you realized that they are not flat? pebbles here, people throwing away their damn starbucks cups there, i almost fell at least 6 times..

yeah, going to put these away for a while, until next time of ‘very little walking’ and even more sitting.

even though it was somewhat painful, it was still a lovely and WARM day.


today i had lunch with friends of friends, very casual, we ate at a bread garden.

they are VERY nice people, and it’s all me, ALL ME.

im USUALLY pretty good at making new friends, instigating conversations, making everyone feel at ease. For the most part, but today, it went horribly horribly wrong.

When I arrived late (i was being flakey) everyone had already gotten their drinks, so I grabbed my wallet and went to buy a drink, oh yes I remembered, I HAVE TO PAY WITH CASH since of the recent fraud and what not on my credit card. I’m so unstylish with cash, a wad of bills I am okay with, but coins? coins drive me crazy.

The lady at the counter looked at me funny while I decided what I wanted, I am a slow decider, especially when it comes to drinks and food, and I RARELY go to a new restaurant unless i’m feeling particularly adventurous that day. It slows down my whole day, and more than likely, new places disappoint. I ended up choosing freshly squeezed orange juice, lovely! Paid with my awkward canadian coins and went to sit down.

everyone chatted while I sat there drinking my juice, like i was 5.

suddenly, everything halted and it was suddenly time to get food, im out of cash and my friend had to pay for me, yes i only had enough money for juice. I got a grilled chicken sandwich this time. the lovely people were attempting to make conversation with me, but I dont know why but today i just buckled down and ate, and ate and ate some more, while of course, drinking my juice.

at the end of my sandwich, i got up and thanked everyone for lunch and left.

soon after i went to the washroom and washed my hands, noticing that yes, there are spinach on my teeth, so not only was i not charming, i was not charming with spinach. i stared at myself in the mirror with horror, but what can i do, it’s over and so I took the bus home.

i’m definitely not one of those people that impress the shoes off of you, but i’m not boring either. i don’t smell bad (occasionally i smell like gucci !) and i have some interesting stories to tell. But, being awkward in front of friends of friends? that’s something i always manage to do.


“did i just read about someones awkward lunch experience?”

why yes you did, to make you not hate me i’ve provided the link to the marc jacobs & louis vuitton documentary on youtube!


part 1 is here and you can find the following part in ‘related video’s or on the sidebar :D it’s such a cute and whimsical documentary! there’s a lot of un-subtitled french but we all know we need to practice in case we bump into uncle Karl one day.


i broke down and bought quite a bit…! but it’s spring, so it’s time for a new wardrobe anyway…! hehe :D


Been eyeing this romper on the F21 website for a while now, finally decided to try it on, and i LOVE IT! I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet but soon, SOON! When I showed what I bought to my friend, she asked me how I am going to go to the washroom; err there are rippable buttons. (The boatneck top didn’t come with it but it seemed so plain without it!) // This is a piece from the H&M garden collection, it’s so gorgeous with 3D chiffon? roses.


this is one of those shirts that’s advertised to be ridiculous cheap, worn by a glamorous looking model telling you that you too can look like her. It was sold out when I got there, but luckily I have friends that work at H&M. :D


was a bit OCD about this jacket since it appeared on the gap website, none of the local stores carried it until i assaulted one of the GAP sales staff when I was working because she mentioned that she bought one. I didn’t manage to grab an XS but while S is a bit loose I don’t think it’ll be a huge problem. alas I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet, had to pull out my down jacket today…

Today the second Stella McCartney for GAP collection releases online and in store! I wonder if Stella will do another collection. It’s hugely popular! And I was so kicking myself when I ended up returning the leopard sweater from the fall/ winter collection. From the preview pictures and the website; this is the only thing that I wanted. When i woke up late today, i was in the dilemma of going to the store to grab this pair of sandals or going to class. I chose going to class, but I was worrrrried that it would be sold out in my size by the time I get there after school. So I called in and had it on hold for me since when I checked the web store this morning size 5 was SOLD OUT.

a note about sizing if you’re interested in these: they run small. I can fit in to size 3 children’s converse but I had to get size 4 in these. Also the website is a bit misleading; size 5 in girls seem to be the largest size but when i put both size 4 and 5 on hold, size 5 is a toddler’s size and 4 is the largest size it ran, at least in canada. I didn’t get anything else in the collection, it was pretty much gone anyway.

anyway i think they are adorable and the ties are so whimsical, they are children’s shoes so expect comfort and hopefully durability! Oh yeah, Gap finally sprang for special shopping bags for the event. :D

time to write my article on accelerated evolution of resistance in multi-drug environments, FUN!


what am i doing? procrastinating of course! but at least today is a lovely day, wore my leather jacket with cashmere scarf and cashmere gloves, but in the afternoon had to stuff both over sized winter accessories in my bag! it’s just too warm for such unnecessary amenities.

i’m literally swamped with papers (literally pieces of paper) right now, won’t bore you with the details..

going to share a few blogs/ sites im really loving right now! some of these may be really famous but i only recently discovered them so i hope you find some use in them too!

this song feels spring-y to me, i dont know why


MR.NEWTON - much like JAK&JIL or The Sartorialist or The Face Hunter. Mr.Newton is at fashion shows, well more like outside of fashion shows, photographing editors, models, famous people and some not so famous people! Amazing photos. And what’s better is that he gives them to us in XL chunks. Here are some of my recent favorites!

(TOP left to right: KATE LANPHEAR! my style icon! Lovely girl with flowers in her bag, signifies the arrival of spring! although i heard paris is really cold right now? BOTTOM Garance, love the navy inspiration As well as her (more than one color) Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton bag! want want! Curly haired gal: can’t get enough of camel colored coats for fall)

LE BLOG DE BETTY - amazing french girl with looks like Zoey Deschanel! the first time I saw her I double-took and thought it WAS Zoey. I really like her because she re-uses items in her outfits, with some fashion blogs it’s impossible to learn how to style from their pictures because they seem to be constantly getting new items, which is more than impossible for us. She also uses a lot of staple items in her outfits and it’s not super trendy! Just because we don’t have the same philip lim 3.1 coat doesn’t mean we can’t re-create the looks! (love philip lim 3.1 !!! <3 )But what i envy the most is her shoe boots collection.

(denim shirts are a staple!! / i really want a jumper / jump suit for spring, black or electric blue please! / Alexander Wang cat-eye sunglasses! :D / amazing Jeffrey Campbell wedges + not bad YSL bag toooo )

MISS PANDORA - another french girl that’s a lot more classic, it’ll be difficult for me to try her style because it’s so classic but she always has amazing photos.

time for w-w-w-ork now ! yay..!

edit: MR NEWTON has a law degree, horray! who else has a law degree? Bob + Ben (of The Hundreds) . I absolutely admire people that fell into something they weren’t suppose to be falling into.


first day of school after OLYMPICS, had to write a midterm (!!!!) and i was feeling feverish too, decided to come home instead of waiting around for my next class…

and rather than being a productive member of society, i made this instead!

i’m so looking forward to spring, i think even I am sick of all the leather, studs and black, time for fresh spring fun! I’m so glad I have all the key items of the season, just need a few more floral tops to wear from spring into summer!

(click to enlarge)

can’t wait to wear lighter colored pants again! and my lovely A. Wang for GAP trench. I just feel like i need more floral printed stuff, and this amazing gap denim moto jacket. EVERYTIME GAP makes something good, they decide to not ship to all the stores, instead they continue to flood us with the crap that they recolor season after season.

Dont know if you got a chance to catch the closing ceremony last night, i would like to apologize on behalf of my country for all the shitty music exports, who knew avril is still alive? WHO KNEW? yeah, it was so damn awkward, had to walk away and pretend it wasn’t on…

i’m really looking forward to 2014 in SOCHI simply because of the gorgeous Natalia Vodianova, as she’s the official spokesperson for the 2014 games. She was here yesterday for the closing ceremonies, so gorgeous! If you aren’t familiar with her, watch this and fall in love.

i love that she has children and so nice and kind! I love her this quote from the video “Success comes from happiness, you attract positive energy when you give out positive energy.”


i feel like im in a comma! i slept for 5 hours after school today, i didnt feel like not being in dream-less land. what a peaceful sleep!

my new favorite word is BALACLAVA, i heard it often in songs, and there’s a street on the way to school that has the same name. What is it though…

my new wallet that i found in one of my dad’s old bags, i love it! i love the feel of the old leather! I love the clasp buttons that we no longer often see!

i love that the the inside is a little bit blue because of water that got in!

i love how it was broken and now i’m re-using it! it use to have a belt loop since my dad drove a motorcycle and wallets are inconvenient  (wait he still drives a motorcycle! but he’s not cool at all, seriously)

and my new shoes that i have yet to worn anywhere! i’ve been practicing, no face plant for me thank you.

i tried to re-create the ambiance that you could feel in a much chic-er city! or for that matter, on a much chic-er blog! maybe it’s the color of the hardwood or the fact that the hardwood is so new! the colors in the pictures didnt come out well, and yes i PS-ed it.

i love these shoes! they remind me of the Prada Chandelier shoes! well not exactly but i’d take any opportunity to bring up the chandelier shoes! they actually look very much like these Robert Clergie shoes

chunky heels thank you!

either way, it was a nice day

edit: can’t leave a pair of shoes just on their own


im really obsessed with denim shirts, and CHAMBRAY shirts, that’s a fancy term for light cotton or smthn like that.

i even bothered to make this mini montage of images fro magazines and what not

(also obsessed w/ VAMPIRE WEEKEND’s new album CONTRA)

(click to view enlarged versions)

yeah i had a few rough days, since something not so good happened so i was emo-ing away at school, the weather was being cooperative and raining (but then again it rains everyday)

then i read this awesome story! (that i had to read for my folklore class)

Continue reading HE’S A DIPLOMAT’S SON

some kind of 50s house wife

was kind of obsessed with the ALEXA by MULBERRY and naturally started googling alexa chung like a mad woman!

I commented to Rebecca about how i adore her messy hair, i remember watching her in a INstyle UK shoot and her hair stylist mentioned that Alexa really likes messy hair. And yes, it really is her signature, she goes to meet Uncle Karl with fly aways, and Uncle Karl compliments her on being a modern girl..

I want to be a modern girl tooo!

So Rebecca said I should get some curlers! wtf r those o___o; After she showed me what they are, the first thing i thought of was this song

So, i went and bought some curlers!


anyways this is how they turned out, not exactly ALEXA yet, but im always anxcious and take out the curlers too early, maybe i’ll leave them in all night next time, but none the less, i LOVE the result and i’m going to do it more often, im not really going for curls, more like hair that looks like dried grass..!

yes, that means i sit in front of my computer with curlers on SOMETIMES

messy hair no good for real life

this morning i rolled out of bed with bad BAD bed head! it was so bad that i was late for school!!

the schexy messy hair often seen in photoshoots dO NOT work in real life, they are no good, people will look at you weird, and you’ll have one of those “do i smell?” moments.

but this is the first post in the new year + i haven’t posted in the longest time, or what felt like the longest time

here are some of my recent favorite things (oh yeah, readership on this blog has been decreasing everyday, probably should do a post with some emo looking pix to perk it right up)

i love these pastel colored thermals(??) by GAP, and my new LOVE ring by F21, and of course my adorable diana mini, for which i still dont have a finished roll!

school blows, the end, i am so sick of talking/thinking about how my courses suck, so we’ll leave it at that. but instead move onto something much more appealing to the eye

and that’s Mulberry’s highly anticipated bag, the ALEXA named after the always stylish ALEXA CHUNG!

i’m not that into high end handbags, but this has been the first one that i want really badly, it’s priced for about $1600 USD for the oversized. it’s great for school or work, it’s huge, it’s stylish, and it looks perfect. (Btw, the creative director of Mulberry is Emma hill, so emma please hook emma up with one of these?!)

look how well it sits, ahh im in love! (actualy i like the one that alexa is carrying in the right picture more, i think that is the original men’s mulberry briefcase which the ALEXA is based on, but either one is fine with me!)

pics of alexa via nitrolicious

Lions! Tigers! Bears! OH MY!

i stayed home from school today and ran an errand with my mom.

Being in the cough-striken state, i totally forgot about the Stella McCartney x GAP KIDS/BABY GAP collection hitting stores today. But as I was on the skytrain I suddenly remembered :D :D

They were still unboxing when I got there but I GRABBED THIS! The Band jacket wasn’t out yet and I didn’t get a chance to see most of the collection, but Stella, it’s so expensive! which parent is going to pay $100 for a kids sweater? Rich Parents probably..

And I did, and most of the XL and XXL sizes are sold out online already (as it was with Alexander Wang x GAP there was no employee discount for me :(

but it’s gorgeous and comfortable! 70% Cashmere 30% Silk ~

Unfortunately for me it is a long sweater and can’t function as a dress, but i’m sure i can make it work :D

I want the Band Jacket pretty badly too but I doubt i’d actually wear it, I am going back to check out the rest of the collection once it has hit stores.

this is my favorite collaboration by FAR! I dont think I’ll be lining up for the Jimmy Choo x H&M. I just don’t feel it and I know for sure that my wallet doesn’t feel it. I always feel more inspired when I shop in children’s sections. Grown-ups are boring that’s for sure, and I do understand that the clothes have to be appealing for everyone, so a lot of designer collaborations don’t go too well. But with kids, it’s all fun and easy!

I hope there will be more collaborations like this in the future~

(BTW! Jenny made me these arm-warmers a few years back, i LOVE THEM and i wear them every winter, thank you so much again Jenny!)

check out the rest of the lookbook here!