green like the HULK

been feeling a bit mucky now and then but today and yesterday were great days!

Hohoho~ i went to book off and found m-flo’s LET GO SINGLE! ($2 ….!)

I feel really lucky to live in Vancouver since we have a Book Off! and I love going there even if I don’t plan to get anything, the prices are great especially for older material.

it’s one of my favorite m-flo tracks, so i was pretty stoked needless to say.

(ignore my stupid face, i like to take pics ok…)

and today, after work, and after a lot of jaw clenching and gripping of the credit card i finally bought it…

nike x nylon women’s dunk hi-s.

a bit on the pricey side, actually very on the pricey side, but !! size 6s are hard to come by so I’ll hang on to these for now. and they are a LOT more green in real life, more like, neon green.

i leave today with m-flo loves yoshika; “let go” at yokohama arena.

Also I noticed that I have to approve a lot more comments these days,..that’s GREAT! it means i’m getting a lot of new commenters!



i need you?!

i’ve been kind of a lazy mofo with job searching and what not

then i saw these, i’ve been off the sneaker game (nor was I never really into it) but I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE. I’m gonna avoid looking like a burnout so i’m gonna pass on the slipons, and I already hve a pair of JP release Eras so I’m gonna get the Chukkahs. I have always feel wanting a pair and this is perfect effing excuse.

i’m so excited, i’ll even work at starbucks (plz hire me thx)



do you guys ever feel like you’re looked down upon by other people due to your obsession with denim or sneakers or tshirts or clothes in general? that’s the feeling i sometimes get from people, like, they think i am shallow? or waste when i buy so much clothes and im always dont have too much money to spend! it’s called, saving, not eating sometimes, and not going clubbing as much!

but yeah, it’s stupid, it may be in my head but it’s what i feel like =(

pix via HY_PEBEAST