im really obsessed with denim shirts, and CHAMBRAY shirts, that’s a fancy term for light cotton or smthn like that.

i even bothered to make this mini montage of images fro magazines and what not

(also obsessed w/ VAMPIRE WEEKEND’s new album CONTRA)

(click to view enlarged versions)

yeah i had a few rough days, since something not so good happened so i was emo-ing away at school, the weather was being cooperative and raining (but then again it rains everyday)

then i read this awesome story! (that i had to read for my folklore class)

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sleepy but

i scanned SOME NUMERO TOKYO DEC 2008 (download)

and when i say some; i mean like 10 pages.

I’m not only lazy my scanner is also lazy; it runs pre-vista which means that i am forced to use Windows photo Gallery to scan and it’s not pleasant.

and the scans are not of great quality; numero has a really really thick spine =_=

Not much fashion; actually no fashion; i scanned some pictures of rooms. . .

here are the highlights! they also double as ipod/iphone wallpapers!

I don’t know about you but when I see a good book case I fall in love

im uploading it right now

ok so let me tell you what i did today while i wait for the link to finish uploading.

I saw the new Harry Potter movie; The half-blood prince, it was kind of a spontaneous decision as I have been marathoning the harry potter movies at my friend’s house. After the Order of the phoenix; we all felt the urge to go and catch the newest one; even though my friend had a pot luck to go to.

anyways; what did i think? Shorter than I expected and since I’ve never read the books I was obviously surprised by what happened; but I also kinda expected it.

Poor harry; he looses someone in every book/movie.

Hermione (Emma Watson) is gorgeous and yeah …

ok now i’m kind of embarssed about my scans because yeah they suck.

but since i did scan them please don’t redistribute them without my permission, thanks.



internet is slow right now

ok so i also was multi-tasking and reading jpod by douglas coupland while I was scanning. I loved it up until the part where the main character goes off to china…

i’m chinese; and im from beijing, and i get kind of dented when people describe china as a place full of rude people and it’s gray and dirty and just a horrible place where horrible people live.

it’s really rude, because i don’t think people have the right to speak that way, that’s right…you heard me.

a certain line in the book especially caught me off guard “I’d known that the moment china discovered cars and craved gasoline, it was curtains for the planet.”

yeah the chinese people killed planet earth; no i’m sure it was a group effort from every breathing organism on this planet. . . =_=

it’s unfair for people to judge on china’s current industrial revolution and its effects on pollution when they were farming rice paddies while westernized countries are developing at a heavy rate and not polluting just as much if not more.

but, from that alone i cannot judge; as the writer is from vancouver and vacouver is infested with chinese people; like myself!

Ok to be fair; if i grew up with grass everywhere then went to china yeah i’d hate it too

keep on keeping on!

i mean reading; life too i guess.


i’ve been busy and been too tired to blog; i didn’t ever think i could be too tired to blog but apparently so!

i’ve been working more; starting at 9:45 AM in the morning; that doesnt sound that bad except that i can’t sleep at night even when i feel like my arms and legs are about to fall off. i have a bit of insomnia . . a bit

p.s. i think i’m gonna be a workaholic when i grow up

i mean i hate am not that enthusiastic about my job (i’m a student so i work retail atm) but it’s ok; im hoping that i can find something that i love and just work work work! work somehow feels very liberating, don’t need to worry about life but just work.

did that sound really sad?

what else; oh since harry potter is coming out soon; i’ve been trying to marathon the first 5 movies with my coworkers; we only managed 2 the other day; tomorrow night hopefully we’ll finish it off (given that i get off work at 6 pm and they’re 3 hours EACH!)

the other day I was at the library; and saw this article; despite it poorly written it was kind of amusing.


I can’t help but agree a little bit (even though I do buy into the culture quite a bit)

I also bought NUMERO TOKYO today; I felt thoroughly unimpressed by it; especially it being a Japanese magazine, or maybe because it had a very westernized format; editorials; some shopping sections and nothing like the usual magazines that we find; like SOUP or CUTiE.

It’s a really old issue; December 2008 but there are still gorgeous photos that i’m very willing to scan sometime when I get a chance to! Though this is much more high fashion than Japanese fashion.

I went to eat kimchi hotpot soup today; this stuff is awesome, even in the hot weather it’s AWESOME. It’s not even legit korean style but it’s so goooood!

and i’ve tweeted about this; but i’m gonna ask this here again; what do you guys think about this hairstyle? btw the model is the lovely tao okamoto (her ameblo); very hot property right now! she’s super adorable and walks for Alexander Wang and the likes.

is it too runway? ?? ? incase you forgot what my hair looks like..

something like this.. yuck, and i’ve tied it up so it’s kind of short as it is..! i’m going to recolor it for sure; probably dark brown and i need to cut and cut and cut some more! also~ my hair is super thin so probably won’t be good for a cut like that, but what do you guysss thinkkk?

Also if you have any suggestions of short/chic/cute haircuts that you think i would look good in ; please link an image! though not perming; i can’t perm right now :/ it’s called being poor and that japanese salons charge an arm and a leg for it.

and i’ll try to visit everyone soon!! :D