today i had lunch with friends of friends, very casual, we ate at a bread garden.

they are VERY nice people, and it’s all me, ALL ME.

im USUALLY pretty good at making new friends, instigating conversations, making everyone feel at ease. For the most part, but today, it went horribly horribly wrong.

When I arrived late (i was being flakey) everyone had already gotten their drinks, so I grabbed my wallet and went to buy a drink, oh yes I remembered, I HAVE TO PAY WITH CASH since of the recent fraud and what not on my credit card. I’m so unstylish with cash, a wad of bills I am okay with, but coins? coins drive me crazy.

The lady at the counter looked at me funny while I decided what I wanted, I am a slow decider, especially when it comes to drinks and food, and I RARELY go to a new restaurant unless i’m feeling particularly adventurous that day. It slows down my whole day, and more than likely, new places disappoint. I ended up choosing freshly squeezed orange juice, lovely! Paid with my awkward canadian coins and went to sit down.

everyone chatted while I sat there drinking my juice, like i was 5.

suddenly, everything halted and it was suddenly time to get food, im out of cash and my friend had to pay for me, yes i only had enough money for juice. I got a grilled chicken sandwich this time. the lovely people were attempting to make conversation with me, but I dont know why but today i just buckled down and ate, and ate and ate some more, while of course, drinking my juice.

at the end of my sandwich, i got up and thanked everyone for lunch and left.

soon after i went to the washroom and washed my hands, noticing that yes, there are spinach on my teeth, so not only was i not charming, i was not charming with spinach. i stared at myself in the mirror with horror, but what can i do, it’s over and so I took the bus home.

i’m definitely not one of those people that impress the shoes off of you, but i’m not boring either. i don’t smell bad (occasionally i smell like gucci !) and i have some interesting stories to tell. But, being awkward in front of friends of friends? that’s something i always manage to do.


“did i just read about someones awkward lunch experience?”

why yes you did, to make you not hate me i’ve provided the link to the marc jacobs & louis vuitton documentary on youtube!


part 1 is here and you can find the following part in ‘related video’s or on the sidebar :D it’s such a cute and whimsical documentary! there’s a lot of un-subtitled french but we all know we need to practice in case we bump into uncle Karl one day.


We got to watch a portion of this movie during class today, dont know the ending yet so if you have watched it don’t spoil it for me YET! :D

made my day

scenery was so gorgeous that i wanted to take a dive in the pond too



im in the midst of watching this movie but i have too many things to say about it, so im pausing and writing.

here’s the trailer for the documentary NO IMPACT MAN. A man and his family attempt to make no carbon footprint for a whole year. there are many things that i agree with in the film, and there are many things that i think he didnt research enough about.

I love the mom in the film, i love how she bought Chloe boots before the start of the year, and her eyes glow at the sight of a marc jacobs bag in the window and how she wore a tory burch tank top to the beach! And i also love their adorable daughter, and their interaction with her. They both seem like really decent parents and want to include her as much as possible in their activities.

a few things struck me as odd about the way the man thinks about environment and sustainability. One
thing that he wouldn’t allow to be used in his house is toilet paper. TOILET PAPER is made not from trees but recycled paper, im not 100% sure of this but seems like a dumbass thing to do to make it from trees.

also, the first thing he did after he started powering his house with solar electricity is to hook up his vaio so he can update his blog. what about the milk that’s not being cooled in the cooler? The frustration of the wife because of his homemade fridge ‘pot in the pot’.

at first, the documentary seemed really sincere and legit, but after a while it felt like it was purely for his up-coming book. i also find it odd that they have footage of the entire year, meaning they had a camera crew ready to go the moment they decided to do this. who pays for the documentary?

who knows if this is really a documentary. i dont care at all if the mom and daughter snuck out to have a burger and fries, but i will be appalled at the man who pushes his ideals on to his family because they are a family and they are one.

but there are many truths with eating less, throwing away less. in the film they talked about how the mom’s diabetes was gone (or reduced?) after they started eating organically. not saying that organic foods cure diabetes, but eating healthily, whether that’s organic or not, can create an overall healthier lifestyle.

but there are the bigger picture of buying organic than just buying organic. for example, in the film they drink milk out of glass jars which can be re-used. glass is obviously more heavy than a paper carton, therefore you can’t load as many bottles of milk than cartons of milk. this in turn costs more gas, which we’re in dire need of. Also, to clean the milk bottles which is re-used, they must be cleaned in super high temperature water, pressurized water probably, this costs a lot of energy too and i know one state in America that really needs that water. So in the end, what uses less, what allows the earth to be sustained?

another thing is consuming less, because of the recession, i’ve read in many fashion blogs that we should ‘shop in our closet’ and ‘recycle fashion’ which i love the idea dearly, as much as i love to buy new clothes i think it’d be a good idea to create new looks with what you already have, and re-fall in love with items. these ideas i fully support.

another thing with consuming less, my dad just came back from our local cell phone store, and the clerk there spent 1.5 hours explaining every function of an iphone to a woman, who clearly doesnt know how to use one, and therefore doesn’t need it, the clerk had to explain everything from how to take a photo to deleting an email. if you are really that technologically challenged, you don’t need an iphone!

the no impact man should also think about how much bigger countries with denser populations are still able to have a smaller impact on earth than america. Wiping tables with cloths, and not paper towels is something that i’ve been doing my whole life! Re-using containers or plastic bags, bringing your own water bottle (im guilty of this one, i buy water) or your own cloth bag to the super market, a lot of people do these things already.

perhaps the man started out his journey with pure ideals now i think he’s just crazy. Also why is the film called NO IMPACT MAN, shouldn’t it be called THE NO IMPACT FAMILY? Since his poor wife and daughter was dragged through hell to accompany his personal success and fame.

Another thing is, the no impact man wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without his family, i can’t imagine a single person living in any metropolis city to not eat out, to not watch TV to not cure loneliness with alcohol !

and yeah he met Diane Sawyer on Good morning America, I’d CALL THAT FAME!

i love Good Morning america and everyone on it, unlike that douchey Today Show with the bitch katie something, who apparently hates the word PHLEGM.


but, the movie had a great message and it’s fun to watch, i think i will try to buy ONE new piece of clothing (including jewels and shoes!) every month and not every week (which is what i do now if not more often), try to stop eating red meat and start bringing my own water bottle.

also i think part of it is shot in a fish-eye like lens, so it’s really beautiful.

but seriously, i lust after big macs and quarter pounders … im doing that homer simpson drool thing right now.

just so i don’t seem crazy, here’s a cute song.


so at the end of the film, he talks about being an optimist and inspiring others to change. you can only inspire if the others want to be inspired. as a RACE, we are too selfish to live this way. and we as a RACE will probably end in our own demise. but, having said that, i think i am still an optimist and i want what he wants but in a more realistic light.

but to end off this post

i really like what he said at the near end of the film

“Gratitude for small pleasures”

Having beef for dinner; but not boeuf bourguignon

Please listen to this while you read this

(kind of gives you that floating on clouds feeling huh?)

I dont know what I was thinking and I ended up watching JULIE & JULIA after school today.

It was absolutely brilliant, a literal feast for the eyes!

the Julie part was kind of boring for me, I didn’t really care for Amy Adams or her unconvincing hair cut.

I mean if you’ve seen her animated, as a princess, rescued by a prince (played by Patrick Dempsey no less) and this was all produced by DISNEY? She just doesn’t seem like the tomboy type..!

Her husband WAS too good for her. I wish he did leave her (and people say I’m bitter! LOL!)

But Merryl Streep! Was every convincing bit as she could be! I did remember watching Julia Child when we use to have Food Network. The way she talked was talking from the stomach, kind of like santa.

Either way, it’s a pretty feel good movie, another kind of “you can do anything if you love it and have passion” and sure enough, i think it’s true.


MUWAHAHAHAHA! Does any other city have Absolut edition vodkas?

this made me so psyched that I ran out and bought it :D I still have a 1.5L bottle of Smirnoff left in my kitchen, shhh don’t let the Absolut hear (it lives on my desk)

I was sleepy then I thought, yeah it’d be a good idea to sleep Non?

but then i started to read over some notes, then i couldn’t stop and here i am, blogging at 1 am because i dont know what tired means.

oh yeah!

i got quite a few reactions when i posted the 500 Days of Summer trailer and I finally saw the movie a few weeks back.

what can i say, if i met a boy that behaved like Summer, he’d never have kids (if you catch my drift)

Perhaps this isn’t the reaction, or the point of the movie, it is after all a Story about Love and not a Love Story, but no matter what her excuse is.

and yeah i agree perhaps GJL (gordon-joseph-levitt) could have been more agressive; but summer could have been less of a bitch ( i love you zooey! :D)

i just felt like summer lead him on, on and on and on, while clearly knowing how he feels about her, and that’s pure untained love, albeit he was blinded by love and it probably wasn’t what he thought it was..

honestly i dont think fighting for her would have made the problem go away.

it’s not right to treat someone like that, and i know, and I KNOW.

yeah, you know who you are, asshole

and good night :D

P.S. SHOUT OUT to my 2 new subscribers on RSS! I went from sad digits of 22 to 24! Thank you for making me so happy!

wouldn’t it be nice?

so my friend and i went to Vancouver international film festival and saw CASTAWAY ON THE MOON (above trailer) and it was so funny, and yes it made me tear up a bit here and there.

then we went to this new izakaya called kakurenbou? it was amazing, the food was good but the ambience and the decor was just amazing. it was styled like traditional japanese izakayas maybe in the 30s? Everything on the menu was really old school and there was a faux roof of a parler on the inside.

ah i try to do so many jumping pics, although this one is in mid-air im not fully in the frame..

im pretty bad obviously, look at ALL THAT FOAM


tori karrage = chicken cartilage

grilled squid

SAKURA sashimi aka HORSE RAW!

something pork cheek

taiwanese ramen , i dont know what made it taiwanese but ok

vanilla ice cream (tastes home made) + some red bean thing

saw this weird shoe art thing at the station, i think my shoes can challenge that easy!

kanpai hope everyone had a nice weekend!

to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die

i know this movie isn’t new but i’ve seen the trailer at least 50 times.

im waiting for the DVD to come out because when the movie was in theaters i was in a bad bad phase where i didn’t want to go outside.

i am a cross between the boy and the girl. i am more like Summer in that i don’t believe in eternal but like the boy, i want a sweeping romance!


ah chanced encounter in the elevator, i’m waiting for you.

how to deal with difficult people

there was an episode of The Office where Phyllis googled “how to deal with difficult people” and tried the tactics on Angela, who makes me cringe every time she appears on screen and i forgot how the episode ended.

there are so many types of difficult people, i need countless tactics to deal with them, more than all the moves on street fighter IV. but i think the way i do it is pretty good, mostly ignoring and indifference and plus most people dislike / are scared of me.

i wasn’t going to blog today because i dont have an interesting and conversation provoking image to post. I wish I took a picture of the jar of smashed jam outside the train station, it was perfect but i only had a crappy cell phone cam at the time and it was hot.

so if you follow me on twitter (which you should !!! plug plug plug) you’d know that i didn’t get the job with apple =(

i really dont think it was any fault of my own, my school schedule collided heavily with their training schedule. if it weren’t for that i’m a shoe in, i would be the perfect apple employee, here are some reasons why.

  • i look excellent in blue OR orange
  • i have a variety of excellent, limited edition sneakers that are attention grabbing and directed to the apple customer demographic
  • i have 3 years of experience in dealing with angry pissed off customers, which do not speak english, are over the age of 50 and will refuse to listen to reason.
  • apple gets quite busy and i am really small so i take minimal space
  • i have a sense of urgency and i speak incredibly fast, showing customers that not only their computers not lag, nor their employees.

but alas, school > apple job and apple hiring team pwned me.


i saw Watchmen and 17 again

meh on both, whoever said 17 again had an AMAZING storyline doesn’t know what the story was about but that zac was in it. Ok zac looked FINE in his white tshirt and audi R8 but the story wasn’t amazing and yes zac was FINE!

Watchmen was so long, and the sex scene was so unnecessary, i was embarrassed because my mom was right beside me cooking dinner, ok i honestly didn’t even pay enough attention to follow the storyline. The only thing that remotely kept my attention was the girl that played the nasty sister in 27 dresses, she had brown hair in this one!


i still have to post a picture

“how good one is playing mario kart while drunk”

i wrote a few things about my favorite / scorn-worthy books here

sleepy but

i scanned SOME NUMERO TOKYO DEC 2008 (download)

and when i say some; i mean like 10 pages.

I’m not only lazy my scanner is also lazy; it runs pre-vista which means that i am forced to use Windows photo Gallery to scan and it’s not pleasant.

and the scans are not of great quality; numero has a really really thick spine =_=

Not much fashion; actually no fashion; i scanned some pictures of rooms. . .

here are the highlights! they also double as ipod/iphone wallpapers!

I don’t know about you but when I see a good book case I fall in love

im uploading it right now

ok so let me tell you what i did today while i wait for the link to finish uploading.

I saw the new Harry Potter movie; The half-blood prince, it was kind of a spontaneous decision as I have been marathoning the harry potter movies at my friend’s house. After the Order of the phoenix; we all felt the urge to go and catch the newest one; even though my friend had a pot luck to go to.

anyways; what did i think? Shorter than I expected and since I’ve never read the books I was obviously surprised by what happened; but I also kinda expected it.

Poor harry; he looses someone in every book/movie.

Hermione (Emma Watson) is gorgeous and yeah …

ok now i’m kind of embarssed about my scans because yeah they suck.

but since i did scan them please don’t redistribute them without my permission, thanks.



internet is slow right now

ok so i also was multi-tasking and reading jpod by douglas coupland while I was scanning. I loved it up until the part where the main character goes off to china…

i’m chinese; and im from beijing, and i get kind of dented when people describe china as a place full of rude people and it’s gray and dirty and just a horrible place where horrible people live.

it’s really rude, because i don’t think people have the right to speak that way, that’s right…you heard me.

a certain line in the book especially caught me off guard “I’d known that the moment china discovered cars and craved gasoline, it was curtains for the planet.”

yeah the chinese people killed planet earth; no i’m sure it was a group effort from every breathing organism on this planet. . . =_=

it’s unfair for people to judge on china’s current industrial revolution and its effects on pollution when they were farming rice paddies while westernized countries are developing at a heavy rate and not polluting just as much if not more.

but, from that alone i cannot judge; as the writer is from vancouver and vacouver is infested with chinese people; like myself!

Ok to be fair; if i grew up with grass everywhere then went to china yeah i’d hate it too

keep on keeping on!

i mean reading; life too i guess.