“FASHION” + shoes

my friend had an extra ticket and invited me to Vancou ver Fashion week, what, you’ve never heard of it? yeah it’s definitely NOT WORTH hearing about it. So many fashion faux-pas by ‘designers’, and the models? are probably just their friends.

it was boring and weird, but it was an exciting day since it’s the first time i ventured out in these heels! I’m not a heels girl, not at all, please join me while i sing praise to my sneakers.

i walked maybe 30 minutes in total out of 4 hours but it was a lot of uphill and downhill, uncool, so uncool. the ground is not flat, have you realized that they are not flat? pebbles here, people throwing away their damn starbucks cups there, i almost fell at least 6 times..

yeah, going to put these away for a while, until next time of ‘very little walking’ and even more sitting.

even though it was somewhat painful, it was still a lovely and WARM day.

messy hair no good for real life

this morning i rolled out of bed with bad BAD bed head! it was so bad that i was late for school!!

the schexy messy hair often seen in photoshoots dO NOT work in real life, they are no good, people will look at you weird, and you’ll have one of those “do i smell?” moments.

but this is the first post in the new year + i haven’t posted in the longest time, or what felt like the longest time

here are some of my recent favorite things (oh yeah, readership on this blog has been decreasing everyday, probably should do a post with some emo looking pix to perk it right up)

i love these pastel colored thermals(??) by GAP, and my new LOVE ring by F21, and of course my adorable diana mini, for which i still dont have a finished roll!

school blows, the end, i am so sick of talking/thinking about how my courses suck, so we’ll leave it at that. but instead move onto something much more appealing to the eye

and that’s Mulberry’s highly anticipated bag, the ALEXA named after the always stylish ALEXA CHUNG!

i’m not that into high end handbags, but this has been the first one that i want really badly, it’s priced for about $1600 USD for the oversized. it’s great for school or work, it’s huge, it’s stylish, and it looks perfect. (Btw, the creative director of Mulberry is Emma hill, so emma please hook emma up with one of these?!)

look how well it sits, ahh im in love! (actualy i like the one that alexa is carrying in the right picture more, i think that is the original men’s mulberry briefcase which the ALEXA is based on, but either one is fine with me!)

pics of alexa via nitrolicious

back to school / back to work

i recently found out about this blog called FASHION TOAST. She has amazing shoes, AMAZING!!

It doesn’t hurt that she’s kind of pretty too, so needless to say her blog is popular. i’m sure she has someone helping her with photos. But man, it’s tiring to take photos for a blog, of yourself that is.

So I thought i’d try and do an entry like hers.

I’m not as hot as rumi, sorry and all my clothes are non-designer and generic!


Baseball shirt: OLD NAVY boys (yes go to the children’s section) Shorts: Banana Republic Knee-Highs: Vivienne Westwood Shoes: Nike x Nylon Glasses: Urban Outfitters Prop: carbon ring

BACK TO WORK (or never left)

Denim: Gap premium Always Skinny (my new love) Shirt: Men’s at BLUE NOTES Suspenders: random shop in japan Pearls: “Chanel” Glasses: Urban Outfitters Prop: useless softbank phone =((((


I’d buy pretty much anything endorsed by jackie

Alexander Wang for GAP (CFDA/VOGUE)

(i kind of look like a flasher don’t I? don’t worry I was wearing clothes underneath, no you won’t go blind today)

i don’t get to use my employee discount on this so i paid full price like everyone else ok =(

But before knowing that I tried on everything; including the two vena cava dresses and the other jacket which was too short for my liking. I was planning to buy both Alexander Wang jackets and a vena cava dress but in the end I just got this and this was probabally the more fiscally responsible idea; since no discount after all.

it looked sOOO plain when I googled pics for it! I was thinking, seriously? It looks HORRIBLE in pics~ very rumpled up and not at all what it could be in person.

But it was so great when I tried it on! yeah it’s kahki and yeah it’s kind of plain (especially from this picture) but there are really great details on the sleeves and elbows; the sleeves are a lot shorter than they would be normally; therefore it is very fashionable; or so i concluded!

amazing details; retails for about $100 canadian.

quality much better than regular gap stuff

I shoulda cleaned my room bfore taking pics =__=;

(sorry my room is so messy)

it looks bettern worn like this but with leggings or a really long top it looks really good zipped up too!


I was watching this korean drama called Brilliant Legacy and this character wore the VENA CAVA for GAP dress. THE VERY ONE THAT I WAS GOING TO BUY!!!

(crappy screencap sorry)

I will soon blog about this other jacket that I got at gap KIDS! it’s a fraction of the price of this but so chic; I wear XL in GAP kids boys! They have such cool stuff~! And kids stuff is a lot cheaper and when your friends ask you; hey where’d you get it; you can be totally awesome and just say GAP and they’d be like; no i didn’t see that!

yeah that’s right..



Electronic Mechanical Machine Assembled for Destruction and Online Utility

Get Your Cyborg Name

gliding along

YVR last night at 3 am ( wearing my DIY tshirt :D )

i wish i could get on a plane and fly to somewhere

yesterday was a good and bad day, today is a better or worst day; i haven’t decided yet

i’m really tired of the way things are going and im just tired.

im always putting my best foot forward, but then being strung out to dry

i’m sick of it, but i am so insecure that i think it might be me, that’s over reacting.

the only thing that cheers me up is a really good burger

or something funny happening; like someone dumping a bottle of detergent in a public fountain with wonderful (or disastrous) results.

good night good night

edit: i’m not eMOooo as many people say i am; but thanks natalie for making me feel better.

yeah i just linked someone from youtube as a person i pretend i know.

(i love you natalie! and i wish we were best friends!)



coming soon … or not

Being alone can be a good thing, everything goes at the pace that you want and there’s no naysayers!

The plan was to get pizza (bc i was craving them last night) and walk around a bit then go home and STUDY

Instead I got pizza, walked around, bought new glasses, trained to another mall with the intended goal of buying bread, which i did, and also got some white shirts and a men’s shirt.

Whatever, old navy was having a all men’s items 50% off!!! I didn’t even need to use my employee card ~ not that I had it with me.

it’s a men’s shirt in LARGE, if i dont end up wearing it a lot i’ll just give it to my dad.

and my awesome new glasses for which I had to put up with shitty attitudes from the employees at urban outfitters. but that’s okay, that’s okay~~

i love the paint splatttersss, i think it goes amazingly well with my splattered denim!

Oh yeah I also started a new website; i haven’t worked on it AT ALL but i’ve written the mission statement. I was thinking about working on a new site, and was trying to come up with names on the bus, but everything I came up with was too long and not really acceptable if the website ever became big; yes i plan ahead. But take a look! since I have no graphic design abilities, i rely solely on my photoshop 5.5 and fonts. Feel free to view the source and see how n00b my html skills are! I would have sliced it but my image ready 2.0 doesnt load on vista. HAHA, yeah i’m gonna go upgrade my photoshop now.


also a note about the cellphones that my mom offered to buy, after discussing it with jen a bit, i decided it against it; it’s not gonna be amazing functionally, and just because it’s beautiful and i can show it off for a few months doesn’t mean i have to buy it. i matured a bit, didn’t i?

oh i also had a panic attack session b/c i was being stupid and changed all of the permissions/chmod of the wp files in ftp; good thing jen was online and it was okay~~!

also; can someone help me out? i stopped receiving emails from wordpress whenever someone comments. this can be inconvenient as some of them to need to be approved beforehand. i already checked the usual places and there’s nothing wrong; any ideas?

back on track

ummmmmmmmmm STATS TIME!

One of my favorite quotes of ALL times (which I read off of someone’s MSN name) is:

“There are lies, DAMN LIES and statistics!”


(I am really going to make a layout today!!!!!!)

Top 10 cities that visit

  1. Vancouver
  2. Port Moody
  3. Singapore
  4. Steveston
  5. Sydney
  6. Osaka
  7. Kent
  8. Perth
  9. Ingolstadt
  10. Sacramento

I have had 243 unique visitors since May 8th and most of you use firefox and cable! Most of my traffic (78%) is from referral sites, with only 2% from searches and the rest are direct (20%)!

the top 2 searches according to google is: TSHIRTLIFE and 1.99 McChicken! YEAHHHH :D

excellent now onto other business!

i know you guys enjoy pics of me doing stupid stuff so here goes!!!

No I don’t live at McDonalds, but they grab me with stuff like $1 any size drinks OKAY?!

Harry Potter and I.

At a StarbUCKSSS

(album cover pose..)

i love the hundreds? I should go buy more stuff!! MORE STUFFFF?!

AND i wanted to show you how well my shoes correspond to my outfit in terms of colors. and my super flat nose that I was talking about.

AND i love old Navy hoodies, ha suck it american apparel!

moar photos here matey!

i wanna stop using the Pirate language on facebook, but i can’t, it’s too good but at the same time i don’t know what they mean so i’m clicking a lot of stuff and getting no where!

trekking tonight

i feel really unconfident about my nose so when i take pics i dont like to look directly at the camera and at the same time the profile looks really bad so i wear glasses a lot to take pics..next time i’ll show my FACE hah.

gonna go see star trek with a coworker soon.

and maybe have some JAPADOGS

Jen said she likes my photos! I’m so happy~~ i’ll try to post more then!

edit: back from movie!

i really wanted good seats to see the movie, and didn’t want a repeat incident of BORAT, so we lined up an hour early, though we were the 3rd and 4th person in line. That’s okay, I just hung out and took some pics instead! Gorgeous view from the waiting area, what’s that restaurant across? Looks cozy and delicious

more boredom, at least my shoes don’t look yellow here..

how i ended the night, + a mcChicken!

Ah Live Long a Prosper everyone!

i can never get my eyeliner / mascara fully off, that’s why I resemble L from death note, so fear not!

can’t believe im busing for 2 hours again

i was suppose to go out a while ago, A WHILE AGO. Yet here I am blogging.

my computer’s really slow, I think I need to format/ reinstall everything again. But the problem is, WHERE ARE MY DAMN RECOVERY DISCS? I know I kept them in a “safe place” but where is this safe place I do not know.

I made a little angsty mix cd of 6 to 8 songs that I’ll upload later!


i’ve been having pretty shitty days! I use to enjoy passing time by attirbuting everything that has gone wrong to myself. No it’s not my effing fault, it’s everyone else’s.

They are douchebags, I am NOT.

Maybe at 20, I’ve finally hit my teenage angsty period.

edit: finally i am going to sit down and make my playlist for all moods; after driving for a bit; getting almost tail-gated by my friend, going for mango calpis SLUSH (they didn’t write that on the menu) and getting a brain freeze and ending the night with some 1.99$ McChicken which I found out through facebook through the only event that I was invited to for the past…month.

When you are Having Family Troubles

THE RAMONES – We’re a Happy Family

When you’re on the bus and some strange lady just touched you

GET SET GO – I hate everyone

When you know you need to work hard

ACDC – It’s a Long way to the Top

When you’ve been a goody 2 shoes and you need to do a Harold

The Long Blondes – I’m going to Hell

When you’re feeling like a tough bitch from the projects

Mary J blige – MJB da MVP

When you’re feeling British

Kate Nash – Foundations

When you’ve time travelled to the 80s and you don’t know the music yet wanna seem cool from 2009

Calvin Harris – Dance Wiv Me

When you feel like a “woman”

Colbie Calliat – Oxygen

When you feel BADASSSS

Franz Ferdinand – This Boy

And for everything and anything

THE RAMONES – I wanna be Sedated

I think this is enough for now, more later?

edit 2: if i had tumblr i would reblog this but i don’t so im posting this pic instead.

screw the GMAT and graduating, im starting a tech startup.

David Karp, school drop out. A young guy

I too, worked in Japan by myself for 3 months (he did 5) although i scrubbed dishes at a bar instead of doing tech work.

PotAto / potahto.


(just now; i walked to the kitchen to confirm the spelling of froot loops.. that tucan sam)

i did laundry today after waking up 2 hours too late. I am really proud of myself for not effing up my first load of laundry; I even used fabric softener. Yeah that’s right, look at this domestic goddessss! Nothing much is new; gota do some more assignments so I will put off my theme ..configuring. CSS; embed yourself into my brain plz!

Life’s so boring…

But at least I got new clothes yesterday..

Froot Loops are larger in size than Fruity cheerios and has more food coloring and sugar.

Yeah; till next time then.

edit: i posted a new look on lookbook! i feel SO SELF CONSCIOUS EVERYTIME! I love this photo even though i didn’t end up posting it~~


i look pissed right? yeah i am pissed, people should reply their damn messages.

i bought this shirt yesterday, i effing love it.

oh yah i got TWITTA