“FASHION” + shoes

my friend had an extra ticket and invited me to Vancou ver Fashion week, what, you’ve never heard of it? yeah it’s definitely NOT WORTH hearing about it. So many fashion faux-pas by ‘designers’, and the models? are probably just their friends.

it was boring and weird, but it was an exciting day since it’s the first time i ventured out in these heels! I’m not a heels girl, not at all, please join me while i sing praise to my sneakers.

i walked maybe 30 minutes in total out of 4 hours but it was a lot of uphill and downhill, uncool, so uncool. the ground is not flat, have you realized that they are not flat? pebbles here, people throwing away their damn starbucks cups there, i almost fell at least 6 times..

yeah, going to put these away for a while, until next time of ‘very little walking’ and even more sitting.

even though it was somewhat painful, it was still a lovely and WARM day.



the lead for the manvils, nice jean jacket, and they came out personally to do the work of roadies after their show.

It was a really gooooood show, fun, energetic and Martina (the lovely lead) was super fun and cute. I read that the Dragonette always puts on a show, what that meant I wasn’t sure. But she was so adorable, using her minnie mouse voice to tell us she doesn’t get invited to parties, and dancing out each song like she’s acting out a movie.

She also had these amazing tights/ pants, leather in the front but some kind of nylon material in the back. Yeah ok.

But it seems it’s not in my fate to get a good view of a concert EVER. Why are people so tall, why? And there’s usually only two really tall people and they always end up in front of me. the sad part is that the hall was pretty much empty when the manvils played so i could have easily moved to the front but i decided, nah let’s stay here where it’s comfortable.

it became uncomfortable so fast, why do people who text the whole time go to a concert? WHY O_O

And i wish people would stop treating a concert like a rave, it’s not a rave.. ! Other than that, it was a good night.

I had a video too,but upon reviewing it’s ridiculously shaky, due to the dancing and the texting and the jumping of other people.

P.S. Amanda does photography for concerts, they’re reallly good! And lucky her, gets to be in front of the fence, though there were no fences at dragonette. But I literally got 4 good shots, the ones you see here, and good is debatable.





but on a lighter note, i ordered sunglasses! how adventurous of me! I went to a very high-end department store the other day and tried on a lot of sunglasses, i don’t want to buy anything too gaudy, so all the chanels and guccis are out! But ironically, I ended up deciding to buy Wayfarers, the most recognized sunglasses of our generation.

GASP! $$190 + 12% tax..

honey, it’s just plastic isn’t it!?

But i reallly want them, so I do what any smart shopper would do, I buy them online! I immediately went on amazon.com to search for raybans (yeah i seriously buy everything off of amazon these days) , I found a lot of really great prices! But, there are sizes?? It’s not easy to find a good pair of sunglasses and now there are size issues??

the following week, I went to a local unnamed glasses store and tried on many pairs of sunglasses until I determined the size, i’m sorry that i’m singlehandedly bringing down physical retail. But it’s so much cheaper online! Oh wells, they’re corporate, they can handle it.

Ended up paying $130 USD, wooooooot :D

that wasn’t a very exciting entry…

i think it’s because i concentrated too hard on my assignment about spandrels and evolution. it sucked all the wit and sarcasm out of me..

i just wanted to share how cold it is right now, so please feel sorry for me.

but at least i was finally able to put these gloves to good use!


Linkin Park – In Between

I was on my way to the bus station. Despite everything I felt pretty good. I wasn’t skipping down the sidewalk or anything, but I liked some things about myself and I didn’t wan to die. It was the closest I’d been to optimistic in years. — Apathy and Other Small Victories by Paul Neilan

Second half of the book felt like it was written drunk, it felt a bit rushed and some what inconsistent with the beginnings. Timeline felt a bit more warped than usual, but it’s weird and funny. The type of funny isn’t as LOL as some other books you might have read. But as you read, you’ll stop and chuckle and return to reading. It’s not that easy to put down, so time-block a bit for this one. Oh lots of vulgarity, which I like very much.

In the book there’s a what is described as -sadistic corporate climber- woman. After reading about her and her behaviors, it’s what we are suppose to aspire to. Obviously not everyone wants to be a corporate exec, but these goal oriented, let-not-one-day pass life style that we lead is somewhat unhealthy. and it’s ironic since i just posted an entry about time-blocking on my other blog!

let’s hope that my kind of ‘doing-well’ is different, because right now i’m not really sure there could be a difference.

let’s hope that my kind of ‘doing-well’ is different, because right now i’m not really sure there could be a difference.

wikipedia described this book as a “possibly part of a trend of novels focusing on directionless people of an unusually young age for such restlessness”

won’t it be ironic if young people HAD directions? But i’m also rooting for direction-less anti-heros, who find people that got it together interesting? isn’t it the raw human emotions of struggle much more beautiful? okay i’ll shut up now…! It was also cute how he focused on cubicle-hate, that’s so early 2000 late 1990s! We don’t work in cubicles anymore, we suffer in open spaces with 20 year olds as our CEOs, not making money but getting to attend the Grammys. Oh wait, I work for GAP, i’m just going to take this battery pack and smack it over my head now.

I sincerely hope I get to be a 20-something thats making it and getting there with my innovation and love for the environment, I’m 21 and i think it’s too damn late.

Also Paul writes a blog, which wikipedia described as ‘regularly upating’, his last entry dated 2008… it’s..not 2008 anymore. And the kicker is he uses typepad, innovation, you gota love it.

OH YEAH, my biggest impression of the book, he writes like he’s British, the whole time i felt like i was reading a book from across the pond, but it’s from America, he writes like he’s British. quite mind blowing actually..

what a random entry, new hair cut after the cut

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SPOON / is love forever? live version because i can’t find a non-live version

please listen to the songs? while reading the entry? i think i picked it to fit the mood, maybe – also readership is at a ridiculous decline, pftt, see if i care…! (i do but in happier news, one more subscriber!)

im trying to maintain the artistic integrity of the blog by posting pictures of stuff that i own around the house. i was going to write a speech about how maintained and roughed my leather jacket has become and the amount of history that i now have with this jacket. And because of its existence, i have grown and gained so much.

but it’s not, i just wear it a lot. Also i haven’t been doing anything exciting, i’m eagerly waiting for my dragonette concert so i have something to blog about.

well, i have been watching the new season of project runway, it’s so damn awesome, i stopped watching for a while after the season with Christinan siriano simply because no one was as fierce and everyone bored me! But this season, i have a huge crush on Jonothan from PROVIDENCE! He’s kind of geeky and lame and carries a purse, yeah, damn but mostly it’s because he’s hilarious, kind of reminds me of someone that no longer talks to me…

so yeah, if you subscribe my blog to your RSS feed (which i highly recommend) you would have gotten a stupid surprise. i totally forgot that even if i delete an entry here it still shows up in feed, since i self-subscribe, i realized this.

don’t be alarmed, i was in a weird friday afternoon mood and i just HAPPEN to write about relationships, as a result of this other blog i’m reading. I think writing about relationships will get readership, everyone ‘s relationship is fucked up in some way or other so we want to read about more convoluted relationships to self-assure. i got it in the bag this is a generalization of course

yesterday i also felt like i should take more artsy pics of myself in various outfits so i’d have a stock of photos so i don’t have to do so much editing and picture taking every time i blog, it didnt work out, the pics sucked, i trashed them.

life is kind of fucked up right now, i’m in a weird place, im a child yet i am not. well i mostly am, problem solved i guess. I also really need a hair cut, a real hair cut this time! so i have some pics of styles that i like, again to not ruin the artistic integrity of the entry, i’m going to put it after cut, give me some opinionsssss

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obsessed with this song, have been on repeat for a very very long time too, but more more importantly, the supermarket in the video is only a few blocks away from my house and i can’t believe i never knew they shot a video here!

i like the lyrics, cute, real cute, but from what we learned in class, romanticism is a DISEASE! because it gives you hallucinations about the ‘perfect one’.

if you’ll excuse me, i’m gonna take a dose of reality now



I never listen to my mom when she says it’s cold outside! my chosen outfit is for INDOORS ONLY, of course i went out, and hurt my back, and my shoulder. I am here blogging to you at 9 am in the morning having not slept all night long, i decided to just get out of bed, showered, put on many medicine patches (the smelly ones)!

i dont know how i am going to survive the binge fest tonight. but i will! because this is what people do when they’re on break…! or so i think!


I dont know what it is with NIKE and their advertising, makes you wanna get up and run a mile, but my determination goes as far as purchasing a pair of new shoes, never actually running. But as far as nike is concerned, that’s their goal anyway. Their recent one, is pretty amazing! check it out after the cut

Spontaneously decided to go to richmond, luckily OUR LADY PEACE was playing tonight, got to catch them live! They’re a really great Canadian band that i’ve ALWAYS known about but never really knew about. But, seriously, nothing sound as good as it does live. Arkells played as well, i really like their JOHN LENNON song.

made some new friends of the forest?

So this is vancouver, at 1 am in the morning, night of beating switzerland 3 – 2 in men’s hockey after a shoot out, it’s not a great win, but it’s still a win. CONGRATULATIONS! We take our hockey VERY seriously UP HERE!

also congratulations to NESBITT for the unexpected GOLD in 1000 meter women’s LONG TRACK speed skating!

i am avoiding email checking, i am having too much fun, i dont want real life to catch up to me yet.

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