at the beginning of an exam period, i always think, yeah let’s do this! i put on an imaginary Japanese headband that says ‘succeed’ (i use to have a real one but it got lost during the move) and I think, i have x days before the first exam and x more days after the first, i can do this! i can do this!!!!

so in the beginning, it’s not so bad, things are moving swimmingly and you think, hey it’s okay, i may be able to do this after all.

then after the 3rd day, it gets bad, it gets real bad, i have self-induced headaches thinking about the exams. i start wearing sweatpants, EVEN WHEN I GO OUTSIDE!! I put on headbands that keep hair out of my face, even though i have effing short hair.

but hopefully, i’ll stay sane.

because i smile when i see this :D



(snorlax via MFIF)


P.S. did you know there is this ridiculously expansive and extensive pokemon wikipedia?





but on a lighter note, i ordered sunglasses! how adventurous of me! I went to a very high-end department store the other day and tried on a lot of sunglasses, i don’t want to buy anything too gaudy, so all the chanels and guccis are out! But ironically, I ended up deciding to buy Wayfarers, the most recognized sunglasses of our generation.

GASP! $$190 + 12% tax..

honey, it’s just plastic isn’t it!?

But i reallly want them, so I do what any smart shopper would do, I buy them online! I immediately went on to search for raybans (yeah i seriously buy everything off of amazon these days) , I found a lot of really great prices! But, there are sizes?? It’s not easy to find a good pair of sunglasses and now there are size issues??

the following week, I went to a local unnamed glasses store and tried on many pairs of sunglasses until I determined the size, i’m sorry that i’m singlehandedly bringing down physical retail. But it’s so much cheaper online! Oh wells, they’re corporate, they can handle it.

Ended up paying $130 USD, wooooooot :D

that wasn’t a very exciting entry…

i think it’s because i concentrated too hard on my assignment about spandrels and evolution. it sucked all the wit and sarcasm out of me..

i just wanted to share how cold it is right now, so please feel sorry for me.

but at least i was finally able to put these gloves to good use!



there was once a Brahman named godly in a certain town. His wife mothered a single son and a mungoose. And she loved little ones, she cared for the mungoose also like a son, giving him milk from her breast, and salves, and baths, and so on. but she did not trust him, for she thought: “a mungoose is a nasty kind of creature. He might hurt my boy.” Yes, there is a sense in the proverb:
A son will ever bring delight
though bent on folly, passion, and spite
though shabby, naughty, and a fright
One day she tucked her son in bed, took a water-jar, and said to her husband “now professor, I am going for water, you must protect the boy from the mungoose.” But when she was gone, the Brahman went off somewhere by himself to beg for food, leaving the house empty. While he was gone, a black snake issued from his hole and, as fate would have it,crawled toward the baby’s cradle. But the mungoose, feeling him to be a natural enemy, and fearing for the life of his baby brother, fell upon the vicious serpent halfway, joined battled with him, tore him to bits, and tossed the pieces far and wide. Then, delighted with his own heroism, he ran, blood trickling from his mouth, to meet the mother; for he wished to show what he had done. But when the mother saw him coming, saw his bloody mouth and his excitement, she feared that the villain must have eaten her babyboy, and without thinking twice, she angrily dropped the water-jar upon him, which killed him the moment that it struck. there she left him without a second though, and hurried home, where she found the baby safe and sound, and near the cradle a great black snake, torn to bits. then, overwhelmed with sorrow because she had thoughtlessly killed her benefactor, her son, she beat her head and breast. At this moment, the Brahman came home with a dish of rice gruel which he had got from someone in his begging tour, and saw his wife bitterly lamenting her son, the mungoose. “Greedy! Greedy!” she cried. “Because you did not do as I told you, you must now taste the bitterness of a son’s death, the fruit of your own wickedness. Yes this is what happens to those blinded by greed.”

Stuart Blackburn / his essay The Brahman and the Mongoose

honestly though, the first thought that came to mind when the animal Mongoose is mentioned is this…

What a mysterious creature…



So last night, we went to see an artist called Utada Hikaru, dont know if you’ve heard of her…

gee, i don’t know, only the best selling artist in JAPAN! LOL!!!

Well this is the UTADA in the flesh 2010 TOUR. A promotional tour for her “this is the one” album. Which after hearing live, i like it more…

anyways, so the trip is full of bumps and turns, but it was so much damn fun. The actual concert was in Seattle so yes we got off our canadian ass and drove down to the states.

WE had to go inside (in to the immigration room) when we were cross the boarder, I am canadian and I have a valid passport but one of my friend DIDNT! He had the new driver’s license which everyone claimed that you could use to cross the boarder with.. anyways, after a few questions like “Any criminal records in US or Canada?” We were allowed to go…(he got off with a warning)

so we went to eat at the cheesecake factory and it was my first time and i had a lemon raspberry creme cheesecake…oh wait you don’t want to hear what i ate? Damn

anyways..continuing on!

I have been to a few general seating concerts and i know the lines are bad, so while my friends slowly ate their food, i kept urging them to get there faster. But luckily, while we were at the back of the line I ran into some friends! And they indeed had a better spot than we did…so we did what anyone else would have done.

And the following photo is the ONLY PHOTO that I have of the entire trip. We are holding up a sign that says “FANS VANCOUVER” And yes we did hold it up a gazillion times during the concert, she read off some of the other signs and didnt acknowledge ours =(, which reflected because it was made from tin foil!!!

So about an hour before the concert, this scary loooking security guy came by and said we HAVE to put away our cameras, no cameras are allowed in the concert due to the artist’s request. So we thought this was one of those things that they say but aren’t going to really enforce…

yes we were wrong

i, like a good fan, put away my camera back in the car but two of my friends snuck in cameras in this girl’s boots. BUT! When she was being frisked they found them =_=;;; Yes I got frisked too, it was super fun!!!

She didn’t come on till after nine and sang till about 11. I wish I could show you the dress she was wearing and her funky looking hair. The whole time I was thinking, nooo, my readers, i have failed them!!!!!!

She sang quite a few Japanese songs, a few note worthy ones being, FIRST LOVE, Sakura Drops, AUTOMATIC, CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET, and among the english ones, most of the new album and Kremlin Dusk, You make me want to be a man and Devil Inside from Exodus. I don’t remember all the songs it went by like a blur..I really wanted to listen to Prisoner of Love and I screamed it outloud quite a few times..

i was about 10 m away from the stage and i didnt get that good of a view because Seattle people are damn tall! But it was amazing, and she is amazing live. I didn’t think her vocals would be super good because I’ve heard her do arena shows and it wasn’t amazing. But it was good, really good. And yeah she’s pretty cute and nice! Quirky and awkward (but not the bad kind), exactly like how she is in interviews~~

The songs that were sang were rearranged to be more rock, and she HEAD-BANGED! haahhahaha..a bit anyway

my ears were still ringing this morning..

speaking of mornings, i had 4 hours of sleep and ran to school to do a presentation on evolution, now here I am still without sleep, writing this..


If you aren’t familiar with her, there are a few of my favorite Utada Hikaru music videos following the jump.

edit: a few more pics from my friends camera and very secretive camera phone..!

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messy hair no good for real life

this morning i rolled out of bed with bad BAD bed head! it was so bad that i was late for school!!

the schexy messy hair often seen in photoshoots dO NOT work in real life, they are no good, people will look at you weird, and you’ll have one of those “do i smell?” moments.

but this is the first post in the new year + i haven’t posted in the longest time, or what felt like the longest time

here are some of my recent favorite things (oh yeah, readership on this blog has been decreasing everyday, probably should do a post with some emo looking pix to perk it right up)

i love these pastel colored thermals(??) by GAP, and my new LOVE ring by F21, and of course my adorable diana mini, for which i still dont have a finished roll!

school blows, the end, i am so sick of talking/thinking about how my courses suck, so we’ll leave it at that. but instead move onto something much more appealing to the eye

and that’s Mulberry’s highly anticipated bag, the ALEXA named after the always stylish ALEXA CHUNG!

i’m not that into high end handbags, but this has been the first one that i want really badly, it’s priced for about $1600 USD for the oversized. it’s great for school or work, it’s huge, it’s stylish, and it looks perfect. (Btw, the creative director of Mulberry is Emma hill, so emma please hook emma up with one of these?!)

look how well it sits, ahh im in love! (actualy i like the one that alexa is carrying in the right picture more, i think that is the original men’s mulberry briefcase which the ALEXA is based on, but either one is fine with me!)

pics of alexa via nitrolicious




none the less, i went to this club /lounge /restaurant saturday night called OCEAN CLUB for my friend’s birthday

got lost getting there, three times! If you’re wondering how that is possible, it is, when no one knows the way and the printer ran out of ink while printing instructions on google maps!

Since you were in such a hurry you didn’t notice that the map wasn’t fully printed, nor were the instructions…

the DJ was really cute, really cute from far away, when i was getting up to go home i saw him up close, ehhh, not so cute anymore!! =_= you know what i’m talkin about!!

had my first ever, cosmopolitan! only reason i ordered it was because of Sexy and the City, i was wondering what all the fuss was about, wish they served it in a martini glass! but alas, it was a rowdy place, served it in a more sturdy glass..

my friend’s dinner

mine~~ the chicken was really good :D

Sigh, got home around midnight, while everyone else partied on, that’s the life of a student..


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look what i got as a belated birthday present?!?!?!?!?!


i’ve never seen this one before, but it’s a holga fisheye with these color filter thingies

i can’t wait to use it

i love calvin harris


i dont know why i am addicted to a song called “WORST DAY” but that’s the way things are right now

i remember in theory of knowledge class, our teacher said that if one is feeling sad one would want to listen to sad music, i instantly tried to challenge the norm (of course) and said that i’d perfer to cheer myself up by listening to happier upbeat song, but, the next time i was upset or down i took notice, eff yeah i do like sad music when i’m sad

damn, i am a textbook case

way to try to be special eh

either way

calvin harris <3

READY FOR THE WEEKEND is an amazing album, much more mature but equally playful as I CREATED DISCO

Look at that face, how can you not like him

(if you can’t tell, i just had a red bull)

woke up too early today? if that’s possible

i planned to wake up earlier today (at 7 am given that i slept at 9:30 pm)  to do some admin work which is basically cleaning my room, making sure i throw away the unnecessary notes and keep the important ones.

also maybe type up a few documents and organize my folders.

yeah i got that all done and ate within 1 hour and now i have half an hour to kill before i leave for school.

(listening to the most eerie song ever: postal service – natural anthem)

i bought these at daiso the other day in preparation for school (LoL). From the country that pretty much popularized the idea of cram schools. These are vocabulary flashcards, pre cut, pre-hole punched, in a cute format for $2.

So first day of school, was pretty much, the same, except, that there are a LOT OF PEOPLE?! When did the school get so damn bloated?

Also, i can’t look at cute guys at school anymore, since i am in my supposedly 4th year it’s more than likely that they are younger than me. Which makes me SO SAD! hahaha..

Funny story of the day: i am science student at an okay univeristy. So during class, a TA wrote her email address on the board; informing everyone that we’re free to email her. then someone raised their hand and asked “is this in all caps or all lower case?”




i decided to take a history course as an elective this year. It was a good idea since i am good at history and i like it a lot. The class i chose was reconstruction and Nixon’s era of American history. My favorite eras in history was Cold War and Napoleon. I wanted to study about Nixon all that fun stuff. However it was more than i bargained for, discussion groups and a lot of readings, which would be fine normally but i don’t want it to cut into my neuroscience studies.

so i dropped it, too bad.

Speaking of Neuroscience; my prof’s name is DOC SAVAGE

(Well his last name is Savage and he’s a doctor..)

yeah, that’s right.

Also there’s a good interview featuring the creator of the comme des garcon PLAY logo.