interestingly that i chose to watch HOUSE on this friday night filled with popcorn and nail polish. no im really just catching up on all the TV i didn’t get to watch the past week and that i won’t be watching next week.

this week’s house, if you follow house, was actually about a blogger (being the patient, not focused on her of course, it was played by that redhead in that 70s show, she’s blonde here)

a few days ago in class, the professor brought up ‘bloggers’ as a group of people in a certain context, but it felt like they should be people that we distance our selves from, like pedophiles.

She used the term ‘they’, THEY is ME! I’m not upset that i’m being put into a very special circle for very special children. but that it’s still not commonly accepted to be a blogger. Unless you’re a popular blogger then that’s a totally different story, but still it’s not that common.

but i love the niche that i have created.

So back to House, they tackle some medical issues of course, but what struck a cord with me was that the patient felt unconnected with her husband and she uses blogging as a form of communication with people, to share her thoughts and to obtain opinions.

this is merely speculation on my part but i think bloggers all start out being a little bit lonely.

(also they all want to write so… )

i really want to talk to someone sometimes, i start awkward conversations on MSN. i’m talking about Michael Cera level of awkward here.

it’s basically me trying to talk with someone, someone that i know in real life, someone that i find interesting. in hopes of making a part time friend that i could call and talk to , or maybe even hang out together sometimes. but of course they don’t find me interesting back. i always try to over compensate by being helpful or extremely funny. fail and fail and fail some more. let’s shut this operation down.


I know that i’m definitely LESS lonely with blogging, and blogs and communities, some of my favorite things to do is read rants on various news sites, people are hilarious and opinionated.

who’s sick of hearing stuff like “i see what you are saying but i think…” or “while your point is excellent, this is…”

but on the internet, we get straight to the point! people have extremely intelligent debates and discussions in the comment sections!

All these lonely folks who are intelligent, who are interested in films, REAL BOOKS, music and general goodness of pop culture? who are you?


The 12 most annoying types of facebook users – which one are you?

(i can’t believe CNN made a “quiz” on this)

Not much of a quiz but I think all of us have contributed in more than one way to the junk that is internet status updating.

ahh okay, yeah i’m really bad, REALLY BAD when it comes to status updates.

it’s different for me on twitter because it feels safer, less IRL people, and more internet savvy folks that enjoy le musique et le art, so i can tweet about stuff like, giant gundams.

facebook is horrible for me because it has real life people in it, real life people that has seen you falling asleep in class, drinking a water bottle then laughing then all the water comes out of the nose and so on.

and there are people that i fancy on facebook!!!

so i do a lot of emo status updates then delete them immediately, so fast it might not even show up in your mini-feed. it’s so bad, im like a half-closet emo.

my problem solving to facebook is logging out of it on my ipod touch, so if i have to log in i have to use its horribly cramped keyboard and type in my extremely long login email which i really don’t want to; thus avoiding SOME embarassment.

oh here’s a tip for everyone: don’t block people on facebook!!!! because if you regret it and you unblock them they don’t automatically go back to your friends list, they aren’t your friend anymore then there’s the extremely awkward question of “why’d you delete me?” so in the end people that i block then end up regretting is blocked anyway because i don’t want to deal with the “hey how come we aren’t friends on fb anymore” possible conversation, ESPECIALLY since the person i blocked last night i have deleted once and i have HAD the “why’d u delete me?” convo once already and 2nd time around makes me look like the most petty person on earth.

anyways, so the person that i blocked really don’t like me, i’ve attempted some MSN-ing which never goes anywhere because i never get a reply. a lot of people dislike me, but this one just avoids me, which pisses me off.

i prefer real talk, like “hey emma, you’re soooo effing annoying, leave me alone OK?!?!”

and i’d be like “yeah sure you douchebag.”

and everyone’s back to normal.

ok that’s enough, i think im going to stick to twitter and appear offline MSN-ing, safe, no indecent exposure, no more wanting to talk to someone then regret doing it.

because believe it or not, im smooth as smoothie in real life, and absolute FAILURE on the internet.

yeah i just said smooth as smoothie.

i sometimes hate my logitech mouse

i’ve been using photoshop 5.5 for the past…6 years? there was a brief transition period where i used photoshop 7.0 but then my computer crashed and i decided that anything beyond 5.5 was too much for me.

then i got a new laptop which uses vista as its OS, which installed photoshop 5.5, i have the real version, REAL VERSION!!! so I kept on using the same CD disc. But it kept crashing on me, I bared with it, even though i can’t even load image ready.

But I finally got off my lazy arse and installed photoshop CS (8.0) and it’s running so much more smoother than before and the amount of space it eats is a lot smaller than 5.5, my idiocy cost me a lot of wasted time rebooting.

i’m a big fan of minimalism! But, you sure can’t tell when you look at my room…

i moved my sliding desk (with wheelsss!) into the center of the room, will it provide me with a new found sense of organization? ..not really

and seriously, i hate THIS THE MOST, the other things i can deal with but all these..wires..

especially when i’m cleaning and there’s loads of dust caught between and my swiffer can’t get in there =_= btw swiffer sucks

organized some shoe boxes…i stopped amassing shoe boxes and dont even accept them anymore. . . i ain’t a collector!

to end off with…

i love to wear winter stuff in the summer :D

coming soon … or not

Being alone can be a good thing, everything goes at the pace that you want and there’s no naysayers!

The plan was to get pizza (bc i was craving them last night) and walk around a bit then go home and STUDY

Instead I got pizza, walked around, bought new glasses, trained to another mall with the intended goal of buying bread, which i did, and also got some white shirts and a men’s shirt.

Whatever, old navy was having a all men’s items 50% off!!! I didn’t even need to use my employee card ~ not that I had it with me.

it’s a men’s shirt in LARGE, if i dont end up wearing it a lot i’ll just give it to my dad.

and my awesome new glasses for which I had to put up with shitty attitudes from the employees at urban outfitters. but that’s okay, that’s okay~~

i love the paint splatttersss, i think it goes amazingly well with my splattered denim!

Oh yeah I also started a new website; i haven’t worked on it AT ALL but i’ve written the mission statement. I was thinking about working on a new site, and was trying to come up with names on the bus, but everything I came up with was too long and not really acceptable if the website ever became big; yes i plan ahead. But take a look! since I have no graphic design abilities, i rely solely on my photoshop 5.5 and fonts. Feel free to view the source and see how n00b my html skills are! I would have sliced it but my image ready 2.0 doesnt load on vista. HAHA, yeah i’m gonna go upgrade my photoshop now.

also a note about the cellphones that my mom offered to buy, after discussing it with jen a bit, i decided it against it; it’s not gonna be amazing functionally, and just because it’s beautiful and i can show it off for a few months doesn’t mean i have to buy it. i matured a bit, didn’t i?

oh i also had a panic attack session b/c i was being stupid and changed all of the permissions/chmod of the wp files in ftp; good thing jen was online and it was okay~~!

also; can someone help me out? i stopped receiving emails from wordpress whenever someone comments. this can be inconvenient as some of them to need to be approved beforehand. i already checked the usual places and there’s nothing wrong; any ideas?

a bit of fangirling

im not a fangirl, i am a really bad fan actually,i get bored EASILY and i am really lazy so i cbf to follow news.

but yeah, i just saw this big bang music video on some girls LJ. I LOVE G-DRAGONN but seriously he needs to wear less eyeliner, i think he wears more eyeliner than me.

Also, before i bombard you with videos, my mom offered to buy me a new cell phone (yes throw ya hands in the air) and she offered to get me a new phone by SHARP, because apparently her friend said it’s good.

They are the chinese version of softbank phones. I remember because these exact phones were released last year summer in the softbank summer pantone / premium lines. Now they’ve been re-released in china for a fraction of the price and fully unlockable!!!

It’s not even about money, it’s the fact that these phones are so hard to come by, but not anymore!

I feel pretty bad because my phone works fine and I’ve only had it for less than a year, albeit it’s a piece of crap and does freeze on me occassionally, shall I take up on my mom’s nice offer or save her a few hundred dollars? Dilemmas~~so far i’ve told her, i’ll see if it’s actually worth it or not.

either the sharp 8010C

or the sharp 9010 (it kind of makes my keitai dreams come true ok)

there are a few other ones that i like too

I think I may take up on my mom’s offer but then again I feel wasteful?

Help me think while you watch the latest big bang video.

IMO, i’d dump g dragon too if his hair was a mop..!

my favorite gdragon video!! “this love” maroon 5 cover. in general, this song has given me horrible memories, but look how awesome g-dragon looks!

seriously, why does gdragon get owned in almost EVERY VIDEO, they make it seem like all girls are cheaters or murdersssss :x

and my favorite big bang video “last farewell”

mwhehehe i love the, “i am a bad boy at night but a nerd during the day” concept!! :D

babies it’s CDs!

we use to have a thing called CDs before ipods, mp3s and things you can’t touch.

i went to BOOKOFF yesterday with my friend not expecting much..but it exceeded my expectations quite a bit!

i forgot how good CDs sound. M-flo, Love Psychdelico and Lisa’s DOUBLE CD were only $3.50 each and I got the weird “headphone music” single for $1. I loved the cover so much. Its by a singer called SUENOHAIR and it’s apparently indie.

also got some AWWESOME limited edition DARUMA hi-chew for kids who are taking exams!!!

the following were taken with my friend’s nikon, not even a DSLR but it came out pretty good!

and from the other night…

YAYY it’s so beautiful there~~

went to nightmarket, it kind of reminded me of the japanese festivals and pretty much china at night in the summer. food food food!!!

and ended the night with!

because it was: DOUBLE JR. WHOPPER SUNDAYYY, something i’ve never heard of until then

yeah, you like my creepy night eyes right?

ANND now i’m sick and i got a 6 hour shift tonight, im gonna go anyway, if i feel worse i’ll just..jet! dont’ worry, it’s not h1n1, i checked my temperature like 4 times already and it’s less than 37 degrees everytime! lol. totally safeee!

emergency update

i love ipods! but not so much macs, i use a vista powered laptop by toshiba.

that guy Justin Long has repeatedly made fun of poor PC saying he’s nerdy and can only run spreadsheets.

Microsoft has done a lot of good, so suck it.

View this video; I want to live here, thanks.

uh, read my other posts too, k?

nails against cement

i can’t decide if it’s a good day or a bad day; it had bad components but also good components so it’s just a day that stuff happened.

so; i had a review session today for genetics; it’s those ones that you pay for with a “private tutor”. but not really private since there are other students there. Normally I wouldn’t go to these things but I attended this tutor’s session during midterm season and he’s very good and he summarizes the concepts very well, totally worth the money…


in my calendar that i’ve took the time to input into my new ipod; it said; thursday night 5 – 9 pm and friday night 5 – 9 pm. Two sessions, two very important sessions, session 1 being the more important one.

So I show up tonight; thinking I’m attending the first session. This girl asks; hey emma, where were you yesterday?



F? ?!?!?

I totally mis-read the email thinking it was a thursday/friday while it really was a wednesday/thursday. Out of my ENTIRE life; i have never made a mistake like this where i mixed up days. It sounds hard to believe but I’m serious; i’m slipping here guys, just like how house saw a dead lady…

Notes for my lab exam; this is a PORTION OF IT OKAY OMFG, it’s open book, and it makes me wanna cry just thinking about it.

i LOVE MY SEXY WALLPAPER!!!! But I find wallpaper a useless term on this since the ONLY time you see the wallpaper is when you get ready to into the menu. . . not much of a wall is it.

i got it at this awesome site called POOLGA

These are my audio-technica headphones; i got these in japan and have used them for about 8 months. And; yeah the left earbud is dead. It’s not dead as in sound comes through only if you twist on it continuously; that’s a hassel okaaay….

so i went back to my sony fontopia earbuds, good thing i have multiple pairs of earbuds lying around…:D

the bad thing about the sony earbuds is that the rubber tip falls out very easily, and which translates to loosing them and crying about it. but my audio technica earbuds are so air-tight; so i just switched the two. I remember I couldn’t do this with my aiwa ones (hands down; best brand for earbuds) but these two switched fairly smoothly.

but im pretty pissed about the audio-technica ones; it’s only been EIGHT months =_=

no mo’ complain’

i posted two entries back to back about how unpopular and socially inadequate i am.

yeah honestly; nothing else was on my mind for those days.

so uh, i got an ipod touch! 16G. i’ve been inching and edging waiting for it go to on sale (yeah right it’s apple) or for my ipod nano 2g to die. Either way I was getting myself some feely, touchy. But whatever; i just gave in and bought it.

The whole process of buying it took literally 1 minute; i felt kind of unnerved . . . i handed my credit card and boom the process was over. i was trying to savour it, but suddenly im out the door and 350$ less.

so do i like it so far? yeah of course i do; how can i not. but there are a few complaints on my part; it doesn’t fit in my hand; not saying that it normally does; but i have very small hands and I have a hard time manouvering it with one hand if i have something else in my other hand. As well; the back “chrome” got scratched up SO BAD!!!!! I don’t have a case for it yet, i ordered a bunch of itouch accessories online and hopefully it’ll come soon. but I made a little bed for it to rest in while it sits on my table, from its original case. . lol..

but i really like checking email on it; it’s like a brand new experience!!! PLEASE SEND ME MORE EMAIL!


also; since i’ve previously stated that i got rid of facebook; this thing (le touch) is like the ultimate; omfg-is-something-happening-somewhere-that-may-be-remotely-related-to-me-machine? I HAD facebook on it till about 3 hours ago and I got rid of it and re-de-activated my account.

Yeah, I don’t need that kind of annoyance.

I also enjoy reading news on it very much; the BBC reader is kickass!

and and and what else?

oh the difficulty with typing. I had a hard time in the beginning but i’m starting to get a hang of it. i realized that you have to show the damn thing that you’re boss; cant be constantly looking at your fingers to see if it’s hitting 3 letters or 5 but just keep on going; usually the it ends up being better that way; at least for me.

okay here’s some music that i’m obsessed with lately;

i would embed but it’s disabled



and such good music~~

eric hutchinson’s rock & roll is my wake up song :D