SUPER CUTE KHALIL FONG! :D I actually really like poppy styled songs like this, though his genre is supposedly SOUL. Songs and videos like this make me feel happy and light hearted, no need to take things so seriously. Also the girl featured in the video is super cute ;__; need more short haired girls as object of affection not just long haired beauties with piercing eyes.

yeah i have short hair, how’d you know?

Chinese singer born in Hawaii (aloha!), right now really popular in taiwan and hk and the likes..

for those that are always asking me what type of guy i like, this is the type!! If you know one, let me know okay ;)

If you don’t understand mandarin that’s okay~~ he also sang an adorable english song (which he wrote, what a talented guy)

I’m in a weird / dreamy mood lately, i think it’s all the not-sleeping and studying and reading manga between breaks that’s getting to my head….

FALALALA study time

edit: i think i wanna marry this man, he actually reminds me of this loser I liked in high school,very similar hair style. And let me tell you I had quite a crush on this guy, but since I’m shallow I really just liked him because he had these really nice nikes. Anyways the story continues, at our graduation dinner and dance thing, I asked him to dance. Yeah I’m bad ass, but it didn’t work out well since he’s kind of not that nice! and his friends spread rumors about me throughout the land…


edit 2: F has been a Khalil fan for a while but I dont bother to notice these things! boo me!


We got to watch a portion of this movie during class today, dont know the ending yet so if you have watched it don’t spoil it for me YET! :D

made my day

scenery was so gorgeous that i wanted to take a dive in the pond too





obsessed with this song, have been on repeat for a very very long time too, but more more importantly, the supermarket in the video is only a few blocks away from my house and i can’t believe i never knew they shot a video here!

i like the lyrics, cute, real cute, but from what we learned in class, romanticism is a DISEASE! because it gives you hallucinations about the ‘perfect one’.

if you’ll excuse me, i’m gonna take a dose of reality now


first day of school after OLYMPICS, had to write a midterm (!!!!) and i was feeling feverish too, decided to come home instead of waiting around for my next class…

and rather than being a productive member of society, i made this instead!

i’m so looking forward to spring, i think even I am sick of all the leather, studs and black, time for fresh spring fun! I’m so glad I have all the key items of the season, just need a few more floral tops to wear from spring into summer!

(click to enlarge)

can’t wait to wear lighter colored pants again! and my lovely A. Wang for GAP trench. I just feel like i need more floral printed stuff, and this amazing gap denim moto jacket. EVERYTIME GAP makes something good, they decide to not ship to all the stores, instead they continue to flood us with the crap that they recolor season after season.

Dont know if you got a chance to catch the closing ceremony last night, i would like to apologize on behalf of my country for all the shitty music exports, who knew avril is still alive? WHO KNEW? yeah, it was so damn awkward, had to walk away and pretend it wasn’t on…

i’m really looking forward to 2014 in SOCHI simply because of the gorgeous Natalia Vodianova, as she’s the official spokesperson for the 2014 games. She was here yesterday for the closing ceremonies, so gorgeous! If you aren’t familiar with her, watch this and fall in love.

i love that she has children and so nice and kind! I love her this quote from the video “Success comes from happiness, you attract positive energy when you give out positive energy.”


not one to believe in love, but i dont disagree with its existence, a cute video i just found on youtube and a song im in love with.


but seriously? this guy’s SMOOOOTH // sorry i think i just ruined a moment



I never listen to my mom when she says it’s cold outside! my chosen outfit is for INDOORS ONLY, of course i went out, and hurt my back, and my shoulder. I am here blogging to you at 9 am in the morning having not slept all night long, i decided to just get out of bed, showered, put on many medicine patches (the smelly ones)!

i dont know how i am going to survive the binge fest tonight. but i will! because this is what people do when they’re on break…! or so i think!


I dont know what it is with NIKE and their advertising, makes you wanna get up and run a mile, but my determination goes as far as purchasing a pair of new shoes, never actually running. But as far as nike is concerned, that’s their goal anyway. Their recent one, is pretty amazing! check it out after the cut

Spontaneously decided to go to richmond, luckily OUR LADY PEACE was playing tonight, got to catch them live! They’re a really great Canadian band that i’ve ALWAYS known about but never really knew about. But, seriously, nothing sound as good as it does live. Arkells played as well, i really like their JOHN LENNON song.

made some new friends of the forest?

So this is vancouver, at 1 am in the morning, night of beating switzerland 3 – 2 in men’s hockey after a shoot out, it’s not a great win, but it’s still a win. CONGRATULATIONS! We take our hockey VERY seriously UP HERE!

also congratulations to NESBITT for the unexpected GOLD in 1000 meter women’s LONG TRACK speed skating!

i am avoiding email checking, i am having too much fun, i dont want real life to catch up to me yet.

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So last night, we went to see an artist called Utada Hikaru, dont know if you’ve heard of her…

gee, i don’t know, only the best selling artist in JAPAN! LOL!!!

Well this is the UTADA in the flesh 2010 TOUR. A promotional tour for her “this is the one” album. Which after hearing live, i like it more…

anyways, so the trip is full of bumps and turns, but it was so much damn fun. The actual concert was in Seattle so yes we got off our canadian ass and drove down to the states.

WE had to go inside (in to the immigration room) when we were cross the boarder, I am canadian and I have a valid passport but one of my friend DIDNT! He had the new driver’s license which everyone claimed that you could use to cross the boarder with.. anyways, after a few questions like “Any criminal records in US or Canada?” We were allowed to go…(he got off with a warning)

so we went to eat at the cheesecake factory and it was my first time and i had a lemon raspberry creme cheesecake…oh wait you don’t want to hear what i ate? Damn

anyways..continuing on!

I have been to a few general seating concerts and i know the lines are bad, so while my friends slowly ate their food, i kept urging them to get there faster. But luckily, while we were at the back of the line I ran into some friends! And they indeed had a better spot than we did…so we did what anyone else would have done.

And the following photo is the ONLY PHOTO that I have of the entire trip. We are holding up a sign that says “FANS VANCOUVER” And yes we did hold it up a gazillion times during the concert, she read off some of the other signs and didnt acknowledge ours =(, which reflected because it was made from tin foil!!!

So about an hour before the concert, this scary loooking security guy came by and said we HAVE to put away our cameras, no cameras are allowed in the concert due to the artist’s request. So we thought this was one of those things that they say but aren’t going to really enforce…

yes we were wrong

i, like a good fan, put away my camera back in the car but two of my friends snuck in cameras in this girl’s boots. BUT! When she was being frisked they found them =_=;;; Yes I got frisked too, it was super fun!!!

She didn’t come on till after nine and sang till about 11. I wish I could show you the dress she was wearing and her funky looking hair. The whole time I was thinking, nooo, my readers, i have failed them!!!!!!

She sang quite a few Japanese songs, a few note worthy ones being, FIRST LOVE, Sakura Drops, AUTOMATIC, CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET, and among the english ones, most of the new album and Kremlin Dusk, You make me want to be a man and Devil Inside from Exodus. I don’t remember all the songs it went by like a blur..I really wanted to listen to Prisoner of Love and I screamed it outloud quite a few times..

i was about 10 m away from the stage and i didnt get that good of a view because Seattle people are damn tall! But it was amazing, and she is amazing live. I didn’t think her vocals would be super good because I’ve heard her do arena shows and it wasn’t amazing. But it was good, really good. And yeah she’s pretty cute and nice! Quirky and awkward (but not the bad kind), exactly like how she is in interviews~~

The songs that were sang were rearranged to be more rock, and she HEAD-BANGED! haahhahaha..a bit anyway

my ears were still ringing this morning..

speaking of mornings, i had 4 hours of sleep and ran to school to do a presentation on evolution, now here I am still without sleep, writing this..


If you aren’t familiar with her, there are a few of my favorite Utada Hikaru music videos following the jump.

edit: a few more pics from my friends camera and very secretive camera phone..!

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im really obsessed with denim shirts, and CHAMBRAY shirts, that’s a fancy term for light cotton or smthn like that.

i even bothered to make this mini montage of images fro magazines and what not

(also obsessed w/ VAMPIRE WEEKEND’s new album CONTRA)

(click to view enlarged versions)

yeah i had a few rough days, since something not so good happened so i was emo-ing away at school, the weather was being cooperative and raining (but then again it rains everyday)

then i read this awesome story! (that i had to read for my folklore class)

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some kind of 50s house wife

was kind of obsessed with the ALEXA by MULBERRY and naturally started googling alexa chung like a mad woman!

I commented to Rebecca about how i adore her messy hair, i remember watching her in a INstyle UK shoot and her hair stylist mentioned that Alexa really likes messy hair. And yes, it really is her signature, she goes to meet Uncle Karl with fly aways, and Uncle Karl compliments her on being a modern girl..

I want to be a modern girl tooo!

So Rebecca said I should get some curlers! wtf r those o___o; After she showed me what they are, the first thing i thought of was this song

So, i went and bought some curlers!


anyways this is how they turned out, not exactly ALEXA yet, but im always anxcious and take out the curlers too early, maybe i’ll leave them in all night next time, but none the less, i LOVE the result and i’m going to do it more often, im not really going for curls, more like hair that looks like dried grass..!

yes, that means i sit in front of my computer with curlers on SOMETIMES