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I was on my way to the bus station. Despite everything I felt pretty good. I wasn’t skipping down the sidewalk or anything, but I liked some things about myself and I didn’t wan to die. It was the closest I’d been to optimistic in years. — Apathy and Other Small Victories by Paul Neilan

Second half of the book felt like it was written drunk, it felt a bit rushed and some what inconsistent with the beginnings. Timeline felt a bit more warped than usual, but it’s weird and funny. The type of funny isn’t as LOL as some other books you might have read. But as you read, you’ll stop and chuckle and return to reading. It’s not that easy to put down, so time-block a bit for this one. Oh lots of vulgarity, which I like very much.

In the book there’s a what is described as -sadistic corporate climber- woman. After reading about her and her behaviors, it’s what we are suppose to aspire to. Obviously not everyone wants to be a corporate exec, but these goal oriented, let-not-one-day pass life style that we lead is somewhat unhealthy. and it’s ironic since i just posted an entry about time-blocking on my other blog!

let’s hope that my kind of ‘doing-well’ is different, because right now i’m not really sure there could be a difference.

let’s hope that my kind of ‘doing-well’ is different, because right now i’m not really sure there could be a difference.

wikipedia described this book as a “possibly part of a trend of novels focusing on directionless people of an unusually young age for such restlessness”

won’t it be ironic if young people HAD directions? But i’m also rooting for direction-less anti-heros, who find people that got it together interesting? isn’t it the raw human emotions of struggle much more beautiful? okay i’ll shut up now…! It was also cute how he focused on cubicle-hate, that’s so early 2000 late 1990s! We don’t work in cubicles anymore, we suffer in open spaces with 20 year olds as our CEOs, not making money but getting to attend the Grammys. Oh wait, I work for GAP, i’m just going to take this battery pack and smack it over my head now.

I sincerely hope I get to be a 20-something thats making it and getting there with my innovation and love for the environment, I’m 21 and i think it’s too damn late.

Also Paul writes a blog, which wikipedia described as ‘regularly upating’, his last entry dated 2008… it’s..not 2008 anymore. And the kicker is he uses typepad, innovation, you gota love it.

OH YEAH, my biggest impression of the book, he writes like he’s British, the whole time i felt like i was reading a book from across the pond, but it’s from America, he writes like he’s British. quite mind blowing actually..

what a random entry, new hair cut after the cut

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how to deal with difficult people

there was an episode of The Office where Phyllis googled “how to deal with difficult people” and tried the tactics on Angela, who makes me cringe every time she appears on screen and i forgot how the episode ended.

there are so many types of difficult people, i need countless tactics to deal with them, more than all the moves on street fighter IV. but i think the way i do it is pretty good, mostly ignoring and indifference and plus most people dislike / are scared of me.

i wasn’t going to blog today because i dont have an interesting and conversation provoking image to post. I wish I took a picture of the jar of smashed jam outside the train station, it was perfect but i only had a crappy cell phone cam at the time and it was hot.

so if you follow me on twitter (which you should !!! plug plug plug) you’d know that i didn’t get the job with apple =(

i really dont think it was any fault of my own, my school schedule collided heavily with their training schedule. if it weren’t for that i’m a shoe in, i would be the perfect apple employee, here are some reasons why.

  • i look excellent in blue OR orange
  • i have a variety of excellent, limited edition sneakers that are attention grabbing and directed to the apple customer demographic
  • i have 3 years of experience in dealing with angry pissed off customers, which do not speak english, are over the age of 50 and will refuse to listen to reason.
  • apple gets quite busy and i am really small so i take minimal space
  • i have a sense of urgency and i speak incredibly fast, showing customers that not only their computers not lag, nor their employees.

but alas, school > apple job and apple hiring team pwned me.


i saw Watchmen and 17 again

meh on both, whoever said 17 again had an AMAZING storyline doesn’t know what the story was about but that zac was in it. Ok zac looked FINE in his white tshirt and audi R8 but the story wasn’t amazing and yes zac was FINE!

Watchmen was so long, and the sex scene was so unnecessary, i was embarrassed because my mom was right beside me cooking dinner, ok i honestly didn’t even pay enough attention to follow the storyline. The only thing that remotely kept my attention was the girl that played the nasty sister in 27 dresses, she had brown hair in this one!


i still have to post a picture

“how good one is playing mario kart while drunk”

i wrote a few things about my favorite / scorn-worthy books here


i am suppose to be sleeping but im not.

anyways! wonderwall! i think the japanese has it down, how consumers think and work. honestly, yeah, as much as i’d like to vacation i enjoy shopping just as much. the experience itself is worth it, not necessarily buying things.
but of course, when you go to cool stores it propels you to own things!
buy more MORE!!!

and it’s the same way with the staff; be nice, courteous and not crazy.

a store (cough where i work) that i know is going steadily down hill because middle management is doing a horrible job of connecting the consumer to the brand.

they aren’t even trying to establish brand loyalty and consumer experience and instead are crunching numbers and meeting goals.

so short sighted, can’t do great things if you can’t see far enough.

i may not have an MBA yet, but from all the shopping i’ve been doing, all the articles i’ve read, the dreaded hate of having to deal with CUSTOMERS and management, it’s driving me against the wall.

ugh, middle management ruins us all…!!!

their number crunch and “power” struggle.

what am i looking at

i wear a lot of the same clothes whenever i am taking pics for the site so it seems like i have only 3 shirts lol.

i am staring at my MSN to see if a certain someone has logged on MSN.

I had work then went to boston pizza with my friend and had some delicious pasta. i love italian food so much! tomatos and cheese and meat cannot eveR EVER fail.

i had the white chocolate cheese cake which was…so rich it was almost threatening.

Then we went to SWEET REVENGE for very delicious “flower opening” tea. But I didn’t get to see the lily flower open, which totally wasn’t worth the $7. But otherwise their tea is SO good.

And then I drove home, which I almost fell asleep..during.

So at work today, I had to put together polos and pants, just co-ordinating colors. I love it, even though it was nothing? While I was doing it, I thought it’d be a dream come true if I could work in fashion although, I think I’d hate everyone I work with.

Everyone’s fake to the bone in fashion, well their whole industry is based on surrealness.

But, maybe fashion not as in Vogue but as in The Hundreds or somewhere incredibly fun and chill.


A tofu dish I made through this recipe I found through the EPICURIOUS app in my itouch.

I love my itouch, so much <3

if this doesnt guy win at life i dont know who will

photo from DROP fashion street SNAP

OMG THIS GUY IS AN EFFING GENIUS. I would kill for that light up riders jacket. Actually I am willing to kill for a really good real leather riders jacket (even the n00b non-light up ones). Are those fingerless gloves I see?! With pom pom for an animals nose? I bet it’s a chipmunk, $50 on that’s a fingerless chipmunk glove!.

And lady gaga, your hair bow is nothing compared to this THREE DIMENSIONAL HEART HAIR THING (really it should be in the 4th dimension)!

been busy being sick (again) and writing a lab report about resting metabolic rates and rats and humans and mice and studying for biochem, though i am harsh slacking off right now. Only one more day to cram…

i have a crush on my biochemistry TA. so i wanna do well, but his cute akwardness isn’t enough of a motivation for me to study, sorry.

haha, did i tell you guys the story when i facebooked him and he found out that i facebooked him then i sent him an awkward email saying sorry for facebooking him? well that’s the whole story actually…

i really need a leather jacket, not need but REALLY WANT, which exceeds need much much more. I saw one I liked on the urban outfitters website, but it’s not real leather, booo . ..

here’s a fun fact, or maybe i was the only one that didn’t know this.

so fake leather is pleather right. apparently pleather isn’t PLEATHER as I had thought but it’s PU LEATHER, and when you say it, it sounds like pleather?

i had to google it. . .

also, NYC fashion week on now.

nothing to do with me really, just saying…

also! due to new shoes being released in march, and other things i want and super-sized credit card bill, i went back to my old job. i am going to be providing top notch customer service at bana na republic once again.



i need you?!

i’ve been kind of a lazy mofo with job searching and what not

then i saw these, i’ve been off the sneaker game (nor was I never really into it) but I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE. I’m gonna avoid looking like a burnout so i’m gonna pass on the slipons, and I already hve a pair of JP release Eras so I’m gonna get the Chukkahs. I have always feel wanting a pair and this is perfect effing excuse.

i’m so excited, i’ll even work at starbucks (plz hire me thx)



do you guys ever feel like you’re looked down upon by other people due to your obsession with denim or sneakers or tshirts or clothes in general? that’s the feeling i sometimes get from people, like, they think i am shallow? or waste when i buy so much clothes and im always shopping..lol..i dont have too much money to spend! it’s called, saving, not eating sometimes, and not going clubbing as much!

but yeah, it’s stupid, it may be in my head but it’s what i feel like =(

pix via HY_PEBEAST

angry, do you know how?

um merry xmas! this post has nothing to do with xmas but a rant for me.

i am a very loud and expressive person, in a LOT of people’s eyes I am a big bitch. I say what I want and if you throw a hissy fit at me and i’m gonna throw a bigger one back.

This is how I am, I am passionate, when I am angry I want to show it. I refuse to be passive about it. And a lot of times this is taken as pure bitchiness.

As I understand, I will probably die earlier because of all this.

Everyone tells me “calm down” all the time. Don’t you know how annoying it is to hear that when you’re absolutely pissed off beyond possibility. A lot of people are “passive” about shit, not because they are actually cool calm wise people. They’re too fcking shit scared to do anything about it.

There’s a manager at my work place that bullies me quite a bit. She’s such a bitch and might I add, a bore. She is like a freaking doormat, oh i’m sorry did I just say that? I think your ugly uggs and lack of of a real personality rock n’ republic jeans and absolutely FAIL LV bag is so loud I can’t hear your personality.

She bullies me and favors other people. Actually that happens a lot. I think because I’m really hot headed I get bullied because that might come off as irresponsible but it’s NOT TRUE. I work really hard and I can be fake like them too if I wanted to.

But, people are living without passion. Getting angry is passionate too. A lot of people can’t be fucked to get angry.

Maybe when I am more mature I can “calm down”. By then I’d like to think that I am absolutely in control of the situation and I can make snarky remarks at the bitches and hos without seem like I’m loosing myself.

Maybe because I live in canada. people here are like plain bread, they are boring and passion-less. They don’t get angry when people cut in line, or cut you off when driving or even beep their damn horn when people are being assholes on the street.

Anyways, I don’t really care about my job. I am going to be as sarcastic and bitchy as I want.

oh and because im an asian girl, I should timid and pure? I got asked out once because I seem “innocent”. Omfg, asian men, you disappoint me.

but yeah, that’s my story. if my bitchy manager gives me any shit im gonna go off on her and then report her.

merry xmas !!