the originals

new york times T magazine (style/fashion/design) featured VERBAL&YOON of AMBUSH designs as part of their THE ORIGINALS, along side with murakami, Yohji Yamamoto (famously the adidas x Yohji yamamoto Y-3) among others.

Firstly, not trying to sound like a fan girl but YOON, Verbal (of M-flo)’s WIFE is very pretty and modern. When I first read about her existence, as in VERBAL IS MARRIED? on wikipedia, I imagined her to be a very traditional Korean wife. But she’s gorgeous and very stylish and probably a large part of Verbal’s inspirations.

Currently, verbal is busy with AMBUSH designs and not making any music, sob sob. Ambush designs mainly focuses on jewelry, VERY BRIGHT jewelry at that, featuring Beethoven. On the usual hype news sites, people were hatin’ left and right. But, if you don’t listen to his music, it doesn’t make that much sense.

When verbal first came out with the POW ring. It was really a WTF moment. BUT ER, it’s also freaking awesome!?!??! I don’t wanna come off sounding too analytical, but that guy lives in a comic book. His animated POW ring studded with jewels is when a super hero in a comic book punches someone and there’s a POW word on the page. Okay, I fail at adjectives, here’s a pic of his ring, way more pix @ his blog

I’m not a really into jewelry, because I find them annoying, especially long necklaces, they look great but so impractical b/c they get caught in everything. The only two pieces of jewelry that I CRAVED for is the Vivienne westwood silver or gold orb with extra long chain AND Verbal’s (under the name JOHNNY ASTRO) crown ring/necklaces.

.. need to rob a bank soon.

I don’t know why I’m writing this so late at night while I should be sleeping then tomorrow, studying. I guess I’m just really excited that Verbal’s getting some international press that’s NOT affiliated with TERIYAKI BOYZ or Pharell or BAPE. Sad that most people outside of Japan only know him as Verbal of Teriyaki Boyz and not M-flo.

it’s a hype thing

Rei Kawakubo’s comme Des garcon collection at H&M were released today? in Japan. And will be released on Nov. 23rd everywhere else.

Hmmmmmmmmm, what do i think about the collection.

First of all, when I was at the CDG flag store in shinsaibashi, I was very intimidated by the staff so I bought 3 tshirts and ran out of there. I can’t say I got a really good look at the collection but I enjoy CDG Homme a lot, but not its price tag.

The H&M CDG collaboration is, weird to say the least.

You definitely can’t get a CDG tailored jacket for 300 USD but you can get it at H&M. I dont own a single piece of clothing from H&M but every time I go in there attempting to shop I leave pretty much immediately after. The quality is atrocious, the materials are atrocious, and the price tag isn’t good enough that I don’t care about the first two factors. So do I feel like paying 300$ (which to me, is a lot of money) for a H&M quality, Rei Kawakubo designed jacket?

COMME des GARCONS for H&M Japan Release – from on Vimeo.

But, this being said, i definitely will go check out the collection when it hits stores and i may be pleasantly surprised! Hopefully I won’t have to line up for 15 hours with 2000 other people to get the goods.

P.S. I share the same birthday as the mastermind behind A Bathing Ape NIGO!!!!!!!! Okay, you can hate bape or you can love bape, but we all have to agree that he is a marketing genius. Please, one day, let me be as rich and glamorous as he is!