shopping is falling in love

(To my friend, I’m sorry you’re out $500 because of me lol…)

Today after school and after my tutoring session with my grade 9 math student. I went off to gastown to shop with my friend. I only see this friend every half a year when he needs new clothes. i take him to all my usual places and help him pick out denim, tshirts and shoes. and wow, we hit only so many stores but found good stuff in everything!

Actually, we visited H&M first, for my sake, for the CDG release that I previously mentioned. I totally forgot that the release was yesterday and expected some stuff to be left over today. Instead, only a few shirts was left.

As I had expected, the clothes are made in hideous polyesters and non-natural fabrics. It was so disappointing that Rei Kawakubo’s first step into main stream market was with H&M, a low quality albiet big and cheap shop. I was so disappointed by the material that I didn’t even bother looking at the limited collection.

No matter how limited this CDG x H&M is, I still don’t want sand paper for clothes.

Putting that distasteful touch to my skin aside, we ventured onwards to the new STUSSY VANCOUVER location. The new location is very well done, the wooden , well, everything was beautiful and does indeed look hand crafted. The staff was lovely and we got 2 shirts! Well nothing there was for me, but my friend got 2 shirts, including a 100 limited copy hand numberd vancouver based artist collaboration tee.

Thenn, we crossed the street to GoodFoot~ My friend got a pair of 50$ dunk lows, what a great price!! I was trying to convince him to get some purcells but he didn’t feel them. ha ha. . .

The whole time, the staff at these kind of shops were awesome, totally unlike the behavior i got in japan. The more prestigeous the brand, the worst I was the treated. . . yes, i am talking about you NBHD.

Last stop is denim, the staff were incredible at dutils, it was a bit pricy but it’s totally worth it. I and the lovely staff there convinced my friend to get a pair of APC new standards. They looked really great on him and I hope he keeps wearing them everyday.

After totally being exhausted from all the fun shopping, we went to eat at Happa izakaya, i really love it there because of the daily? new menu. Super delicious raw and fusion food.

We also got super delicious drinks~ um I had something called Hello Kitty, and there was Momotaro (peach flavored vodka/spirit) and the most delicious blueberry vodka x calpis!

I am exhausted from that trip and my recent lack of sleep due to this..disgusting schedule

but these things have been cheering me up, my friend got these candies for me from SEE’s last time they went down to the states ~~

ANDD my lovely new moccassin styled shoes!!!!!!!!!! They kinda remind me of visvims but, er I like these more and these probably cost 1/6 the price of visvims.

(sorry all cell pix)