i’ve been pretty boring lately and im gonna continue to be;

one of my favorite music videos / songs

also on my “study breaks” i’ve been lurking on lookbook.nu a LOT.
I must say, people are really creative and good looking, and most importantly, have a lot of time..

but does anyone actually go outside in what they post on lookbook? i’m sure a lot of them do, but the super hyped ones, for some reason, i feel like majority of them don’t.
a lot of them aren’t wearable.. in real life conditions.

don’t get me wrong, i wish we all lived in a photo shoot, or an episode of gossip girl or something, even poor “brooklyn girls” are decked out in 5000$ outfits.

I think I can be cool and stylish too, but real life takes away 95% of my coolness, and the other 5% weren’t there to begin with

so yeah, i can only really commend someone on their “style” when i see them walking up and down the street with so much swag that it makes you wanna press the invisible hype button next to their “picture”.

+ : is it me or are ALL European teenagers incredibly stylish, good looking, multilingual (they ALL speak english + native language + other?), polite, cultured while north american teenagers are rude, rebellious, like to smash things, listen to “bands” like simple plan, “emo”, all wear the same things or even when they venture out, FAIL?
okay i am being mean and there are a lot of really good looking and stylish north american teens too but they are where i do not know…

European girls are unreasonably stylish

In the midst of all the hustling and bustling of failing every single course of fall term 2008 – 2009.

I manage to find a new favorite blog.

Her name is Lisa and she’s a blogger / model from Sweden. And bar none, she has one of the best styles i’ve ever seen, in real life and on the internet. (I found her blog through lookbook.nu)

Only because she does not use quantity to suggest quality. From her pictures, you can see she has a few staple items that she uses over and over again to create totally different, and really really awesome looks, and okay she’s really pretty with hair that i wish i could have.

A pair of well worn raw skinnies, white chucks, a long plaid shirt, a long grey scarf, a grey? American Apparel hoodie, graphic tee, black blazer, a black classic chanel? bag, black pants and short laced booties. Oh and a marc? large tote bag.

(and probably few others..)

AH simple items that one can get anywhere, but put together so effectively!

And her blog is simply awesome too, albeit in sweden.. but a picture is worth a thousand words!!

Go be inspired!

(oh and she’s 14.. )


(P.S. I had a dream about acid wash jeans, I dont know why I can’t get them out of my head, despite my hatred for them..)